Claude Parsot
Vice-President for Teaching

Arnaud Fontanet
Director of the Epidemiology and Public Health theme,
Joint Director of the Pasteur-Cnam School of Public Health

Since its creation, the Institut Pasteur has fulfilled a mission of training and sharing its knowledge and skills in the fields of public health and research. Today, courses are organised around main themes:
- Mechanisms of Living Organisms, corresponding to eight courses dedicated to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of life, from molecular level to the level of the whole organism.
- Biology of Micro-Organisms, corresponding to six courses based on both classical and innovative approaches to studying pathogenic and non-pathogenic micro-organisms and benefiting from the expertise of several researchers from the Institut Pasteur and National Reference Centres.
- Epidemiology and Public Health(EPI), corresponding to courses on epidemiology and public health in the domain of infectious and parasitic diseases. The EPI benefits from the involvement of several specialists from the Institut Pasteur, universities in France and elsewhere and organisations involved in public health activities. Moreover, these courses can be validated to count towards a specialised Master’s in Public Health, in the domain of “infectious risk” at the Pasteur-Cnam School of Public Health (Pasteur-Cnam)
.Training leading to diplomas
The courses corresponding to second year of a Master’s program or higher, lead to diplomas. They are aimed at students following a scientific or medical course, and at professionals (doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, scientists, engineers) wishing to obtain complementary training.

2nd year of Master

Several courses are validated Master’s 2 courses for universities in Paris region (René Descartes-Paris 5, Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6, Denis Diderot-Paris 7, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Orsay-Paris 11) Specialized Master’s
Specialized Master
A group of courses are part of the specialized Master’s training in Public Health (Pasteur-Cnam School of Public Health)
Institut Pasteur and University Diploma
The courses offered lead to a qualification from the Institut Pasteur. Most of these qualifications are certified University Diplomas (from the Universités Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris 6 and/or Denis Diderot-Paris 7).
Doctoral school modules
Lectures organised into doctoral school modules are open to PhD students.


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