Groupe Monica SALA

Title of the projet:
Design of a measles-based multi-stage malaria vaccine candidate
(Conception d’un vaccin multi-stades anti-palustre basé sur un vecteur rougeole)

The project aims at developing a totally new vaccine platform, that is used to test Plasmodium antigens never evaluated before in order to finally develop a multivalent and multi-stage malaria vaccine candidate. This project implies: 1) to design and validate a malaria subunit pediatric vaccine targeting different essential replication steps of Plasmodium parasite in humans, 2) to validate measles virus (MV) ribonucleoparticles (RNPs) as efficient carrier for subunit vaccines and Pichia pastoris yeast as means to deliver the vaccine and to enhance immune responses. Plasmodium berghei is used as a model for mouse evaluation. The project is performed in collaboration with two Units from the Parassitology Department of the Institut Pasteur.

Groupe Mariana MESEL-LEMOINE

Title of the project: Study of the mechanisms of immunosuppression and apoptosis of human dendritic cells after respiratory virus infection.
Most respiratory viruses interact with dendritic cells (DCs) in the upper respiratory tract, which results in initiating an antiviral immune response but may also result in the spreading of the virus as a result of DC migration to the draining lymph nodes. Because DCs are major sensors to detect viral infection and prime adaptive immunity, viruses have evolved strategies to interfere with their development, maturation, function, or viability to suppress or escape immune response. In this regard, killing DCs can be an efficient viral strategy to delay or prevent the establishment of adaptive immune responses. The project investigate the interaction between the two human respiratory virus, measles virus and the coronavirus HCoV- 229E, and human DCs.