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Department of Virology

Units and Laboratories


Biology of Viral Emerging Infections
Headed by Sylvain BAIZE

Keywords: Viral Hemorrhagic fevers, Lassa fever, Ebola virus, Immune responses, pathogenesis

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Flavivirus-Host Molecular Interactions
Headed by Philippe DESPRES

Keywords: arbovirus, dengue, west nile, yellow fever, Chikungunya, viral pathogenicity, innate immunity, 2’,5’- oligoadenylate synthetase, viral subversion, vaccines, virus life cycle

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Genetics, Papillomavirus and Human Cancer
Headed by Michel FAVRE

Keywords: Viral carcinogenesis, human papillomavirus (HPV), epidermodysplasia verruciformis, resistance genes, control of HPV infection, biological properties of early viral proteins, viral and human interactomes, yeast two-hybrid screening, high throughput protein-protein complementation assay

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Hepacivirus and Innate Immunity
Headed by Eliane MEURS

Keywords: Hepatitis C virus, lipoproteins, lipid metabolism, microtubules, nucleocapsid, MAVS, Interferon, PKR, ISG15, HBV, HBX, transcription, epigenetic regulation, DDB1, PP1

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Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses
Headed by Sylvie VAN DER WERF

Keywords: Influenza, respiratory viruses, vaccine, polymerase, host factors, evolution, antivirals, hepatitis, replication, hepacivirus, assembly

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Molecular Retrovirology
Headed by Simon WAIN-HOBSON

APOBEC3 , cancer, cytidine deaminase, genetic editing.

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Molecular Virology and Vaccinology
Headed by Pierre CHARNEAU

Keywords: HIV-1 nuclear import, DNA Flap, lentiviral vector, AIDS vaccine, Malaria vaccine

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Viral Pathogenesis

Keywords: Chemokines; Chemoreceptors, HIV coreceptors; CXCL12; Proteoglycans

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Viral Neuro-Immunology
Headed by Monique LAFON

Keywords: Rabies virus, host/virus interactions, evasive strategy, neurosurvival, neuroprotection

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Oncogenic Virus Epidemiology and Pathophysiology
Headed by Antoine GESSAIN

Keywords: HTLV-1 et 2, HHV-8, Simian Foamy viruses, Viral pathogenesis, Cell transformation, Genetic variability, Epidemiology, Viral microarray, Physiopathology

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Regulation of Retroviral Infections
Headed by Françoise BARRE-SINOUSSI

Keywords: HIV, SIV, AIDS, Innate Immunity, CD8+ T lymphocyte, natural killer cell, dendritic cell, macrophage, mother- to-child transmission, mucosal immunity, HIV controllers, immune activation, inflammation, regulatory T cells, natural hosts

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Structural Virology
Headed by Félix A. REY

Keywords: X-ray crystallography; virus structure; viral antigens; icosaedral symmetry; envelope glycoproteins; membrane fusion, viral enzymes; ribonucleoprotein complexes; alphavirus; flavivirus; arbovirus, herpesvirus

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Viral Genomics and Vaccination
Headed by Frédéric TANGY

Keywords: measles, HIV, Chikungunya, dengue, vaccine, interactome, yeast two-hybrid, antiviral molecules.

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Viral Populations and Pathogenesis
Headed by Marco VIGNUZZI

Keywords: Coxsackie virus, chikungunya virus, virus evolution, RdRp, fidelity

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Virus and RNA Interference
Headed by Maria Carla SALEH

Keywords: antiviral RNAi, arboviruses, drosophila, small RNAs, deep sequencing, innate immunity

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Virus and Immunity
Headed by Olivier SCHWARTZ

HIV, virus, antigen presentation, dendritic cell, immunological synapse, virological synapse

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Provisionnal Units

Antiviral Strategies
Headed by Noël TORDO

Keywords: Antiviral strategies, Replication complex, Negative strand RNA viruses, Rabies, Hantaviruses

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Biology of Enteric Viruses
Headed by Francis DELPEYROUX

Keywords: poliovirus, coxsackievirus A, recombination, signaling pathways, paralytic poliomyelitis

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Pathogen Discovery
Headed by Marc Eloit

Arboviruses and Insect Vectors
Headed by Anna-Bella FAILLOUX

Keywords: Vector-borne diseases, Vector competence, Arboviruses, Mosquitoes, Emergence

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Pathogenesis of Hepatitis B virus
Headed by Marie-Louise MICHEL

Keywords: Hepatitis B Virus, Liver, Inflammation, immunotherapy, hepatocellular carcinoma, vaccination, NK cells

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