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Robust and low cost uniform 15N-labeling of proteins expressed in Drosophila S2 cells and Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 cells for NMR applications.
Meola A, Deville C, Jeffers SA, Guardado-Calvo P, Vasiliauskaite I, Sizun C, Girard-Blanc C, Malosse C, van Heijenoort C, Chamot-Rooke J, Krey T, Guittet E, Pêtres S, Rey FA, Bontems F.
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The highly conserved proline at position 438 in Pseudorabies Virus gH is important for regulation of membrane fusion.
Schröter C, Klupp BG, Fuchs W, Gerhard M, Backovic M, Rey FA, Mettenleiter TC.
J Virol. 2014 Sep 3.

Structural basis of eukaryotic cell-cell fusion.
Perez-Vargas J, Krey T, Valansi C, Avinoam O, Haouz A, Jamin M, Raveh-Barak H, Podbilewicz B, Rey FA.
Cell. 2014 Apr 10;157(2):407-19.


T helper type 2 bias and type 17 suppression in primary dengue virus infection in infants and young children.
Talarico LB, Bugna J, Wimmenauer V, Espinoza MA, Quipildor MO, Hijano DR, Beccaria M, Wurster V, Cavagnaro LE, Martinez D, Fattore G, Batalle JP, Acosta PL, Reynoso N, Melendi GA, Rey FA, Libster R, Polack FP.
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Dengue virus: two hosts, two structures.
Rey FA.
Nature. 2013 May 23;497(7450):443-444.

Structural basis of HCV neutralization by human monoclonal antibodies resistant to viral neutralization escape.
Krey T, Meola A, Keck ZY, Damier-Piolle L, Foung SK, Rey FA.
PLoS Pathog. 2013 May;9(5):e1003364.

Structure of the Triatoma virus capsid.
Squires G, Pous J, Agirre J, Rozas-Dennis GS, Costabel MD, Marti GA, Navaza J, Bressanelli S, Guérin DM, Rey FA.
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The Respiratory Syncytial Virus nucleoprotein-RNA complex forms a left-handed helical nucleocapsid.
Bakker SE, Duquerroy S, Galloux M, Loney C, Conner E, Eléouët JF, Rey FA, Bhella D.
J Gen Virol. 2013 Aug;94(Pt8):1734-1738.

Macromolecular assemblies.
Rey FA, Sundquist WI.
Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2013 Apr;23(2):224-228.

Alphavirus structure: activation for entry at the target cell surface.
Vaney MC, Duquerroy S, Rey FA.
Curr Opin Virol. 2013 Apr;3(2):151-158.

Editorial overview: Virus structure and function.
Marcotrigiano J, Rey FA.
Curr Opin Virol. 2013 Apr;3(2):101-102.

An alpaca nanobody inhibits hepatitis C virus entry and cell-to-cell transmission.
Tarr AW, Lafaye P, Meredith L, Damier-Piolle L, Urbanowicz RA, Meola A, Jestin JL, Brown RJ, McKeating JA,
Rey FA
, Ball JK, Krey T.
Hepatology. 2013 Mar 28.

Functional and evolutionary insight from the crystal structure of rubella virus protein.
Dubois RM, Vaney MC, Tortorici A, Al Kurdi R, Barba-Spaeth G, Krey T, Rey FA.
Nature 2013. Jan 24;493(7433):552-556.


SnapShot: Viral and Eukaryotic Protein Fusogens.
Igonet S., Rey FA.
Cell 2012. Dec 21;151(7):1634-1634.

Characterization of a viral phosphoprotein binding site on the surface of the respiratory syncitial nucleoprotein.
Galloux M, Tarus B, Blazevic I, Fix J, Duquerroy S, Eléouët JF.
J Virol. 2012 Aug;86(16):8375-8387.

Structure-based mutational analysis of the highly conserved domain IV of glycoprotein H of pseudorabies virus.
Fuchs W, Backovic M, Klupp BG, Rey FA, Mettenleiter TC.
J Virol. 2012 Aug;86(15):8002-8013.

Crystal structure of the Pestivirus Envelope Glycoprotein E(rns) and Mechanistic Analysis of Its Ribonuclease Activity.
Krey T, Bontems F, Vonrhein C, Vaney MC, Bricogne G, Rümenapf T, Rey FA.
Structure. 2012 May 9;20(5):862-873.

Human monoclonal antibodies to a novel cluster of conformational epitopes on HCV e2 with resistance to neutralization escape in a genotype 2a isolate.
Keck ZY, Xia J, Wang Y, Wang W, Krey T, Prentoe J, Carlsen T, Li AY, Patel AH, Lemon SM, Bukh J, Rey FA, Foung SK.
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Virus entry: old viruses, new receptors.
Backovic M, Rey FA.
Curr Opin Virol. 2012 Feb; 2(1):4-13.

Mechanism of Dengue Virus Broad Cross-Neutralization by a Monoclonal Antibody.
Cockburn JJ, Navarro Sanchez ME, Fretes N, Urvoas A, Staropoli I, Kikuti CM, Coffey LL, Arenzana Seisdedos F, Bedouelle H, Rey FA.
Structure. 2012 Feb 8;20(2):303-314.

The crystal structure of Human alpha(2)-Macroglobulin reveals a unique molecular cage.
Marrero A, Duqueroy S, Trapani S, Goulas T, Guevara T, Andersen GR, Navaza J, Sottrup-Jensen L, Gomis-Rüth FX.
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High-level secretion of recombinant monomeric murine and human single-chain Fv antibodies (scFv) from Drosophila S2 cells.
Gilmartin AA, Lamp B, Ruemenapf T, Persson MA, Rey FA, Krey T.
Protein Eng Des Sel. 2012 Feb;25(2):59-66.

Structural insight into the neutralization mechanism of a higher primate antibody against dengue virus.
Cockburn J, Navarro-Sanchez E, Goncalvez A, Zaitseva E, Stura EA, Kikuti CM, Duquerroy S, Chernomordik L, Lai CJ, Dussart P, Rey FA.
EMBO J. 2012 Feb 1;31(3):767-779.


X-ray structure of the arenavirus glycoprotein GP2 in its postfusion conformation.
Igonet S, Vaney MC, Vonrhein C, Bricogne G, Stura EA, Hengartner H, Eschli B, Rey FA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Dec 13;108(50):19967-19972.

Potential role of invariant NKT cells in the control of pulmonary inflammation and CD8+ T cell response during acute influenza A virus H3N2 pneumonia.
Paget C, Ivanov S, Fontaine J, Blanc F, Pichavant M, Renneson J, Bialecki E, Pothlichet J, Vendeville C, Barba-Spaeth G, Huerre MR, Faveeuw C, Si-Tahar M, Trottein F. 
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Peptides targeting the PDZ domain pf PTPN4 are efficient inducers of glioblastoma cell death.
Babault N, Cordier F, Lafage M, Cockburn J, Haouz A, Prehaud C, Rey FA, Delepierre M, Buc H, Lafin M, Wolff N.
Structure. 2011 Oct 12;19(10):1518-1524.

Characterisation of a DNA polymerase highly mutated along the template binding interface.
Vichier-Guerre S, Jestin JL.
Mol Biotechnol. 2011 46(1):58-62.

Virus/host interactions: a strong force driving the diversification of cellular organisms.
Rey FA.
Curr Opin Microbiol. 2011 Aug;14(4):445-448.

Mapping a region of HCV E2 that is responsible for escape from neutralizing antibodies and a core CD81-binding region that does not tolerate neutralization escape mutations.
Keck ZY, Saha A, Xia J, Wang Y, Lau P, Krey T, Rey FA, Foung SK.
J Virol. 2011 Oct;85(20):10451-10463.

Class II enveloped viruses.
Vaney MC, Rey FA.
Cell Microbiol. 2011 Oct;13(10):1451-1459. Review.

Class III viral membrane fusion proteins.
Backovic M, Jardetzky TS.
Adv Exp Med Biol. 2011 714:91-101. Review.

Picobirnaviruses encode a protein with repeats of the ExxRxNxxxE motif.
Da Costa B, Duquerroy S, Tarus B, Delmas B.
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Secreted dengue virus nonstructural protein NS1 is an atypical barrel-shaped high-density lipoprotein.
Gutsche I, Coulibaly F, Voss JE, Salmon J, d'Alayer J, Ermonval M, Larquet E, Charneau P, Krey T, Mégret F, Guittet E, Rey FA, Flamand M.
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Macromolecular assemblages.
Rey FA, Sundquist WI.
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Capsid protein identification and analysis of mature Triatoma virus (TrV) virions and naturally occurring empty particles.
Agirre J, Aloria K, Arizmendi JM, Iloro I, Elortza F, Sánchez-Eugenia R, Marti GA, Neumann E, Rey FA, Guérin DM.
Virology. 2011 Jan 5;409(1):91-101.


Virologie: One protein, many functions.
Rey FA.
Nature. 2010 Dec 9;468(7325):773-775. News and Views.

Structure of a core fragment of glycoprotein H from Pseudorabies virus in complex with antibody.
Backovic M, Dubois R, Cockburn JJ, Sharff AJ, Vaney MC, Granzow H, Klupp BG, Bricogne G, Mettenleiter TC, Rey FA.
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Glycoprotein organization of chikungunya virus particles revealed by X-ray crystallography.
Voss JE, Vaney M-C, Duquerroy S, Vonrhein C, Girard-Blanc C, Crublet E, Thompson A, Bricogne G, Rey FA.
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News and Views. Structural biology: An alphavirus puzzle solved. By Margaret Kielian.
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Identification of new functional regions in hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein E2.
Albecka A, Monserret R, Krey T, Tarr AW, Diesis E, Ball JK, Descamps V, Duverlie G, Rey F, Penin F, Dubuisson J.
J Virol. 2010 Feb;85(4):1777-1792.

The human immune response to Dengue virus is dominated by highly cross-reactive antibodies endowed with neutralizing and enhancing activity.
Beltramello M, Williams KL, Simmons CP, Macagno A, Simonelli L, Quyen NT, Sukupolvi-Petty S, Navarro-Sanchez E, Young PR, de Silva AM, Rey FA, Varani L, Whitehead SS, Diamond MS, Harris E, Lanzavecchia A, Sallusto F.
Cell Host Microbe. 2010 Sep 16;8(3):271-283.

Further insights into the roles of GTP and the C-terminus of the Hepatitis C virus polymerase in the initiation of RNA synthesis.
Harrus D, Ahmed-El-Sayed N, Simister PC, Miller S, Triconnet M, Hagedorn CH, Mahias K, Rey FA, Astier-Gin T, Bressanelli S.
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The disulfide bonds in glycoprotein E2 of hepatitis C virus reveal the tertiary organization of the molecule.
Krey T, d’Alayer J, Kikuti CM, Saulnier A,Damier-Piolle L, Petitpas I, Johansson DX, Tawar RG, Baron B, Robert B, England P, Persson MA, Martin A, Rey FA.
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Efficient method for production of high yields of Fab fragments in Drosophila S2 cells.
Backovic M, Johansson DX, Klupp BG, Mettenleiter TC, Persson MA, Rey FA.
Protein Eng Des Sel. 2010 Apr;23(4):169-174.

Herpes simplex virus glycoproteins H/L bind to cells independently of {alpha}V{beta}3 integrin and inhibit virus entry, and their constitutive expression restricts infection.
Gianni T, Cerretani A, Dubois R, Salvioli S, Blystone SS, Rey FA, Campadelli-Fiume G.
J Virol 2010; 84(8): 4013-4025.

Crystal structure of an Aquabirnavirus particle: insights into antigenic diversity and virulence determinism.
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Sequence-dependent DNA flexibility mediates DNase I cleavage.
Heddi B, Abi-Ghanem J, Lavigne M, Hartmann B.
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DARPin-assisted crystallography of the CC2-LZ domain of NEMO reveals a coupling between dimerization and ubiquitin binding.
Grubisha O, Kaminska M, Duquerroy S, Fontan E, Cordier F, Haouz A, Raynal B, Chiaravalli J, Delepierre M, Israël A, Véron M, Agou F.
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Expression and purification of  Z protein from Junín virus.
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Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a recombinant yellow fever vaccine against Plasmodium yoelii.
Stoyanov CT, Boscardin SB, Deroubaix S, Barba-Spaeth G, Franco D, Nussenzweig RS, Nussenzweig M, Rice CM.
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Crystal structure of a nucleocapsid-like nucleoprotein-RNA complex of respiratory syncytial virus.
Tawar RG, Duquerroy S, Vonrhein C, Varela PF, Damier-Piolle L, Castagné N, MacLellan K, Bedouelle H, Bricogne G, Bhella D, Eléouët JF, Rey FA.
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Single-particle cryoEM reconstructions: meeting the challenge.
Rey FA.
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The picobirnavirus crystal structure provides functional insights into virion assembly and cell entry.
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Macromolecular assemblies.
Rey FA, Saibil H.
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Structure of the outer membrane complex of a type IV secretion system.
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La structure cristalline de la capside du picobirnavirus révèle une organisation géométrique originale.
Duquerroy S, Da Costa B, Henry C, Vigouroux A, Libersou S, Lepault J, Navaza J, Delmas B, Rey FA.
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Interaction of HP1 and Brg1/Brm with the globular domain of histone H3 is required for HP1-mediated repression.
Lavigne M, Eskeland R, Azebi S, Saint-André V, Jang SM, Batsché E, Fan HY, Kingston RE, Imhof A, Muchardt C.
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Dermal-type macrophages expressing CD209/DC-SIGN show inherent resistance to dengue virus growth.
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Residues in the HIV-1 capsid assembly inhibitor binding site are essential for maintaining the assembly-competent quaternary structure of the capsid protein.
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Phasing of the Triatoma virus diffraction data using a cryo-electron microscopy reconstruction.
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Coronavirus escape from heptad repeat 2 (HR2)-derived peptide entry inhibition as a result of mutations in the HR1 domain of the spike fusion protein.
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Identification and characterization of PWWP domain residues critical for LEDGF/p75 chromatin binding and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infectivity.
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The nine C-terminal amino acids of the respiratory syncytial virus protein P are necessary and sufficient for binding to ribonucleoprotein complexes in which six ribonucleotides are contacted per N protein protomer.
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