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Host determinants of protection against AIDS

Béatrice Jacquelin, PhD
Mickaël Ploquin, PhD
Simon Jochems

We are studying the infection by a simian lentivirus (SIV) in African Green monkeys (AGM) as a model for natural protection against AIDS. Our previous data revealed a high replication of SIVagm in these monkeys, both in blood and the intestine, indicating that virus replication is necessary but not sufficient to induce CD4 T cell depletion. In the same line, data of the literature show that the CD4 T cell depletion in HIV-infected humans is only indirectly associated with viral load, but directly with T cell activation levels. We have shown that chronically infected AGMs do not show increased T cell activation despite high viremia levels. By performing a kinetic study starting from day 1 post-infection in blood and lymph nodes, we demonstrate that AGMs are able to control T cell activation very early on after infection. This control is associated with a lack induction of pro-inflammatory cytokines during the acute phase of infection. We are currently investigating the role of innate immunity and of regulatory T cells in the control of T cell activation. These studies are conducted using classical (flow cytometry, real time PCR...) and global approaches (microarrays).