Publications / 2008
BMC Structural Biology 2008, 8:30 : Graphical analysis of NMR structural quality and interactive contact map of NOE assignments in ARIA. Benjamin Bardiaux, Aymeric Bernard, Wolfgang Rieping, Michael Habeck, Thérèse Malliavin and Michael Nilges pdf

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2008, 130, 3579-3589 : 3D Structure Determination of the Crh Protein from Highly Ambiguous Solid-State NMR Restraints. Antoine Loquet, Benjamin Bardiaux, Carole Gardiennet, Christophe Blanchet, Marc Baldus, Michael Nilges, Thérèse Malliavin, and Anja Böckmann pdf

Journal of Biomol NMR, 2008, 41, 199–208 : A structure refinement protocol combining NMR residual dipolar couplings and small angle scattering restraints. F. Gabel, B. Simon, M. Nilges, M. Petoukhov, D. Svergun, M. Sattler pdf

Journal of Biomol NMR, 2008, 40, 135–144 : A unifying probabilistic framework for analyzing residual dipolar couplings. Michael Habeck, Michael Nilges, Wolfgang Rieping pdf

Structure, 2008, 16, 1305-1312 : Accurate NMR Structures Through Minimization of an Extended Hybrid Energy. Michael Nilges, Aymeric Bernard, Benjamin Bardiaux, Thérèse Malliavin, Michael Habeck and Wolfgang Rieping pdf

J.Mol.Biol 2008, 376, 517–525 Comparative Analysis of Structural and Dynamic Properties of the Loaded and Unloaded Hemophore HasA: Functional Implications. Nicolas Wolff, Nadia Izadi-Pruneyre, Joël Couprie, Michael Habeck, Jens Linge, Wolfgang Rieping, Cécile Wandersman, Michael Nilges, Muriel Delepierre and Anne Lecroisey. pdf