Publications / 2006
PNAS 2006 103, 1756-61 Weighting of experimental evidence in macromolecular structure determination : Michael Habeck, Wolfgang Rieping, and Michael Nilges pdf

Mol. Genet. and Metabolism. 2006, 88184–191 : Clinical and mutational investigations of tyrosinemia type II in Northern Tunisia: IdentiWcation and structural characterization of two novel TAT mutations. C. Charfeddine, K. Monastiri, M. Mokni, A. Laadjimi, N. Kaabachi, O. Perin, M. Nilges, S. Kassar, M. Keirallah, M.N. Guediche, M.R. Kamoun, N. Tebib, M.F. Ben Dridi, S. Boubaker, A. Ben Osman, S. Abdelhak pdf

Structure 2006, 14, 683–693 : Flexibility and Conformational Entropy in Protein-Protein Binding. Raik Grünberg, Michael Nilges, and Johan Leckner pdf

PROTEINS. 2006, 64,931–939 : Determination of Dihedral _ Angles in Large Proteins by Combining NHN/C_H_ Dipole/Dipole Cross-Correlation and Chemical Shifts Karine Loth, Daniel Abergel, Philippe Pelupessy, Marc Delarue, Philippe Lopes, Jamal Ouazzani, Nathalie Duclert-Savatier, Michael Nilges, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, and Véronique Stovenpdf

Acta Cryst. 2006. D62, 1150–1161 : E. AB, A. R. Atkinson,b L. Banci, I. Bertini, S. Ciofi-Baffoni, K. Brunner, T. Diercks, V. Dötsch, F. Engelke, G. E. Folkers, C. Griesinger, W. Gronwald, U. Günther, M. Habeck, R. N. de Jong, H. R. Kalbitzer, B. Kieffer, B. R. Leeflang, S. Loss, C. Luchinat, T. Marquardsen, D. Moskau, K.-P. Neidig, M. Nilges, et al. NMR in the SPINE Structural Proteomics project. pdf

PROTEINS. 2006, 64:652–664 : Error Distribution Derived NOE Distance Restraints Michael Nilges, Michael Habeck, Sean I. O’Donoghue, and Wolfgang Rieping. pdf

J. Biomolecular NMR 2006, 34,153–166 : Comparison of different torsion angle approaches for NMR structure determination. Benjamin Bardiaux, Thérèse E. Malliavin, Michael Nilges & Alexey K. Mazur.pdf