Publications / 2003
Bioinf 2003, 19(2),315-6 : ARIA: automated NOE assignment and NMR structure calculation. Jens P. Linge, Michael Habeck, Wolfgang Rieping and Michael Nilges. pdf

Biochem J 2003, 376,749-56 : Biochemical characterization and NMR studies of the nucleotide-binding domain 1 of multidrug-resistance-associated protein 1: evidence for interaction between ATP and Trp653 Odile RAMAEN, Sandrine MASSCHELEYN, Francis DUFFIEUX, Olivier PAMLARD, Marine OBERKAMPF, Jean-Yves LALLEMAND, Véronique STOVEN, and Eric JACQUET. pdf

Gene 2003, 306,13-25 : The Plasmodium falciparum family of Rab GTPases Emmanuel Quevillon, Tobias Spielmann, Karima Brahimi, Debasish Chattopadhyay, Edouard Yeramian, Gordon Langsley. pdf

Biophys J. 2003, 84,2338-44 : Prediction of 5-HT3 Receptor Agonist-Binding Residues Using Homology Modeling. David C. Reeves, Muhammed F. R. Sayed, Pak-Lee Chau, Kerry L. Price, and Sarah C. R. Lummis. pdf