Chemistry of Biomolecules - Laurence MULARD

Activities of the Unit

Within multidisciplinary programs involving the synthesis of new biomolecules derived from carbohydrates, peptides, and conjugates thereof, major focus is on the validation of biological targets of medical interest and on the development of innovative strategies towards glycotherapeutics and/or glycovaccines.


The three most significant publications :
1. Baleux, F. ; Loureiro-Morais, L. ; Hersant, Y. ; Clayette, P. ; Arenzana-Seisdedos, F. ; Bonnaffé, D. & Lortat-Jacob, H. (2009). A synthetic CD4-heparan sulfate glycoconjugate inhibits CCR5 and CXCR4 HIV-1 attachment and entry. Nat Chem Biol, 5, 743-748.

2. Bay, S.; Fort, S.; Birikaki, L.; Ganneau, C.; Samain, E.; Coïc, Y-M.; Bonhomme, F.; Dériaud, E.; Leclerc, C.; Lo-Man, R. (2009). Induction of a Melanoma-Specific Antibody Response by a Monovalent, but not a Divalent, Synthetic GM2 Neoglycopeptide. ChemMedChem, 4, 582-587.

3. Phalipon, A.; Tanguy, M.; Grandjean, C.; Guerreiro, C.; Bélot, F.; Cohen D.; Sansonetti, P.J.; Mulard, L. A. (2009). A synthetic carbohydrate-protein conjugate vaccine candidate against Shigella flexneri 2a infection. J Immunol, 82, 2241-2247.