Pharmacology of Pain - Catherine ROUGEOT

Activities of the group

The laboratory has characterized at the molecular and functional levels new natural peptide mediators of the adaptive responses to environmental stress: Opiorphin in human and its functional analog in rat, Sialorphin. These molecules play a central role in modulating pain perception and emotional states.
This discovery has important potential therapeutic applications. Thus, the laboratory has signed a collaborative research program with a Swiss based Pharma company, Stragen Pharma, for the development of the first in class pain management novel drug.

Molecular and behavioral Pharmacology, Peptide mediators, Pain, mu- and delta-Opioïds pathways, Metalloectopeptidases

The  four most significant  publications
  • Pinto, M., Rougeot, C., Gracia, L., Rosa, M., Garcia, A., Arsequell, G., Valencia, G. and Centeno, N. B. Proposed Bioactive Conformations of Opiorphin, an Endogenous Dual APN/NEP Inhibitor. ACS Med. Chem. Lett. (J. Med. Chem.). 2012; 3(1):20-24
  • Rougeot C., Robert F., Menz L., Bisson J.F. and Messaoudi M. Systemically active human Opiorphin is a potent yet non-addictive analgesic without drug tolerance effects. J. Physiol.  Pharmacol. 2010; 61(4): 483-490
  • Javelot H., Messaoudi M., Garnier S. and Rougeot C. Human Opiorphin is a naturally occurring antidepressant acting selectively on enkephalin-dependent delta-opioid pathways. J. Physiol.  Pharmacol. 2010; 61(3): 355-362
  • Wisner A., Dufour E., Messaoudi M., Nejdi A., Marcel A., Ungeheuer M.N. and Rougeot C. Human Opiorphin, a Natural Anti-nociceptive Modulator of Opioid-Dependent Pathways; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2006; 103: 17979-17984

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