Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport

G5 "Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport" -  Nicolas REYES

Our work is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter transport across the plasma membrane. In the central nervous system, neurotransmission mainly occurs through rounds of transmitter release and removal at the synapses. Neurotransmitter removal is carried out by integral membrane proteins called Neurotransmitter Transporters, which use the energy stored in the transmembrane ionic gradients to pump the transmitter into the cytoplasm of neurons and glia. 
We use a multidisciplinary approach to understand the structural, energetic and dynamic components of the neurotransmitter transporters function, including x-ray crystallography, calorimetry, fluorescence spectroscopy and electrophysiology.

Crystal structures of the two main conformational states of an archaeal
glutamate transporter homologue