Static Light Scattering and viscometry

Contact: Bertrand RAYNAL

The intensity of light scattering of a solution is directly proportional to its average molecular weight and to the concentration of its components. The PFBMI has a multiple array detector (Viscotek TDA 302), coupled with a GPCmax size exclusion chromatography system. This apparatus comprises, in addition to its multi-angle light scattering detector, a UV-visible spectrophotometer, a refractometer and a viscometer.
photo Viscotek GPCmax-TDA550

This on-line device allows the simultaneous detection of molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity of all constituants of a solution. This is more particularly useful for the characterisation of their size and the stoechiometry of their assemblies in various experimental conditions. Measuring theintrinsic viscosity also allows to access other parameters such as the shape and the hydration of molecules.