Fluorescence spectroscopy

Contact: Bruno BARON

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a versatile technology enabling to analyse, at equilibrium or in real time, variations of the environment surrounding  fluorescent probes, that are either intrinsincs to the analyzed macromolecules (such as tryptophans for proteins) as well as extrinsic (synthetic fluorophores)

PFBMI has a multi-modular, highly sensitive, fluorimeter (Quantamaster QM4CW, Photon Technology International) allowing to measure
steady-state fluorescence with total light or polarized light (fluorescence anisotropy),
near infrared light (phosphorescence or fluorescence transfer (FRET) with fluorophores having long emission time  and
variations of fluorescence lifetime.
The device has also a 4 cell holder with a Peltier temperature control and a computer driven titration module that allows to perform controlled addition of ligands and other compounds.

PFBMI also has a fluorescence "stopped-flow" device (KinetAsyst SF61-DX2: TgK Scientific) allowing the determination of fast kinetic interaction properties  (ten or so milli-second resolution).
Steady State fluorimeter
Fluo2 stopped-flow260
Fast kinetic stopped flow fluorimeter