Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Contact: Bertrand RAYNAL

PFBMI have two ultracentrifuges from Beckman-Coulter, an Optima XL-A and a ProteomeLab XL-I. The latter one is equipped with a double detection system, UV/visible  and interference.

The hydrodynamic behaviour of a macromolecule and its sedimentation coefficient are linked to its volume, its shape, its density and its mass.
Analytical ultracentrifugation allows a direct measurment of the sedimentation ceofficient orthe mass of a macromolecule in solution. When an oligomer or of a non covalent complex are considered, the number of chains associated within the native molecule or the stœchiometry of the complex can thus be determined.
Informations can also be obtained on the conformation of the macromolecules, the equilibrium constant of the assemblies and on the homogeneity of samples.