Biophysique des macromolécules et de leurs interactions

Kinetic and thermodynamic properties of interactions
Relevant technologies at the PFBMI

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)  

Analyse of molecular interaction in real time : 
association (kon) and dissociation (koff) kinetic constants
Biacore X100

Fluorescence spectroscopy

Analysis of tertiary conformation, of thermal and chemical stability and of molecular interactions: 

intensity, anisotropy and fluorescence life-time.


Fluorescence  « stopped-flow  » 

Kinetic of interactions and enzyme activity

Fluo2 stopped-flow260
The PFBMI can advise you or direct you on your choices and give you information on:

* Experiments requirements and constraints
* Lenght if experiments
* Estimations and calculations of physico-chemical parameters
* Methodological links and softwares to be used