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Gallego del Sol, F; Gomez, J; Hoos, S; Nagano, CS; Cavada, BS; England, P & J.J. Calvete
"Energetics of 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-?-D-mannose binding to the Parkia platycephala seed lectin and its use for MAD phasing"
Acta Crystallographica F61, 326-331.

Villarino, A; Duran, R; Wehenkel, A; Fernandez, P; England, P; Brodin, P; Cole, ST; Zimny-Arnat, U; Jungblut, PR; Cerveñansky, C & Alzari, PM
"Proteomic identification of M. tuberculosis protein kinase substrates: PknB recruits GarA, a FHA domain-containing protein, through activation loop-mediated interactions"
Journal of Molecular Biology 350, 953–963.

 Sissoëff, L; Mousli, M; England P & Tuffereau C
"Stable trimerization of recombinant rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG) ectodomain is required for interaction with the p75NTR receptor"
Journal of General Virology 86, 2543-2552.


S. Bay, V. Huteau, M.L. Zarantonelli, R. Pires, J. Ughetto-Monfrin, M.K. Taha, P. England & P. Lafaye (2004)
"Phosphorylcholine-carbohydrate-protein conjugates efficiently induce hapten-specific antibodies which recognize both Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neisseria meningitidis: A potential multitarget vaccine against respiratory infections"
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 47, pp. 3916-3919.

B. Mateescu, P. England, F. Halgand, M. Yaniv & C. Muchardt (2004)
"Tethering of HP1 proteins to chromatin is relieved by phosphoacetylation of histone H3"
EMBO Reports, vol. 5, pp. 490-496.

R. Tournaire, M.P. Simon, F. Le Noble, A. Eichmann, P. England & J. Pouyssegur (2004)
"A short synthetic peptide inhibits signal transduction, migration and angiogenesis mediated by Tie2 receptor"
EMBO Reports, vol. 5, pp. 262-267.

I.C. Moura, Y. Lepelletier, B. Arnulf, P. England, C. Baude, C. Beaumont, A. Bazarbachi, M. Benharnou, R.C. Monteiro & O. Hermine (2004)
"A neutralizing monoclonal antibody (mAb A24) directed against the transferrin receptor induces apoptosis of tumor T lymphocytes from ATL patients"
Blood, vol. 103, pp. 1838-1845.


T. Merkulova-Rainon, P. England, S. Ding, C. Demerens & G. Tobelem (2003)
"The N-terminal domain of Hepatocyte Growth Factor inhibits the angiogenic behavior of endothelial cells independently from binding to the c-met receptor"
Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 39, pp. 37400-37408.


H. Bedouelle, M. Renard, L. Belkadi & P. England (2002)
"Harnessing MalE for the study of antigen/antibody recognitions"
Research in Microbiology, vol. 153, pp. 395-398.

J. Allignet, P. England, I. Old & N. El Solh (2002)
"Several regions of the repeat domain of the Staphylococcus caprae autolysin, AtlC, are involved in fibronectin binding"
FEMS Microbiology Letters, vol.213, pp. 193-197.

M. Renard, L. Belkadi, N. Hugo, P. England, D. Altschuh & H. Bedouelle (2002)
"Knowledge-based design of reagentless fluorescent biosensors from recombinant antibodies"
Journal of Molecular Biology, vol. 318, pp. 429-442.


Publications on which PFBMI is aknowledge


Goldberg, ME & Chaffotte, A
"Undistorted structural analysis of soluble proteins by attenuated total reflectance infrared spectroscopy"
Protein Science 14, 2781-2792

Hible, G; Renault, L; Schaeffer, F; Christova, P; Zoe Radulescu A; Evrin, C; Gilles, AM & Cherfils J
"Calorimetric and crystallographic analysis of the oligomeric structure of Escherichia coli GMP kinase"
Journal of Molecular Biology 352, 1044-1059