Publications 2012

Publications 2012

8) Sharma P., Azebi S., England P., Christensen T., Møller-Larsen A., Petersen T., Batsché E. & Muchardt C. (2012)

“Citrullination of histone H3 interferes with HP1-mediated transcriptional repression”

PLoS Genetics, vol. 8, pp. e1002934


7) Vigan-Womas I., Guillotte M., Juillerat A., Hessel A., Raynal B., England P., Cohen J.H., Bertrand O., Peyrard T., Bentley G.A., Lewit-Bentley A. & Mercereau-Puijalon O. (2012)

“Structural basis for the ABO blood-group dependence of Plasmodium falciparum rosetting”

PLoS Pathogens, vol. 8(6), pp. e1002781


6) Vulliez-Le Normand B., Tonkin M.L., Lamarque M.H., Langer S., Hoos S., Roques M., Saul F.A., Faber B.W., Bentley G.A., Boulanger M.J. & Lebrun M. (2012)

“Structural and functional insights into the malaria parasite moving junction complex”

PLoS Pathogens, vol. 8, pp. e1002755


5) Ould-Abeih M.B., Petit-Topin I., Zidane N., Baron B. & Bedouelle H. (2012)

“Multiple folding states and disorder of ribosomal protein SA, a membrane receptor for laminin, anticarcinogens, and pathogens”

Biochemistry, vol. 51, pp. 4807-4821


4) Soler N., Craescu C.T., Gallay J., Frapart Y.M., Mansuy D., Raynal B., Baldacci G., Pastore A., Huang M.E. & Vernis L. (2012)

“A S-adenosylmethionine methyltransferase-like domain within the essential, Fe-S-containing yeast protein Dre2”

FEBS Journal, vol. 279, pp. 2108-2119


3) Berthelot L., Papista C., Maciel T.T., Biarnes-Pelicot M., Tissandie E., Wang P.H., Tamouza H., Jamin A., Bex-Coudrat J., Gestin A., Boumediene A., Arcos-Fajardo M., England P., Pillebout E., Walker F., Daugas E., Vrtosvnik F., Flamant M., Benhamou M., Cogné M., Moura I.C. & Monteiro R.C. (2012)

“Transglutaminase is essential for IgA nephropathy development acting through IgA receptors”

Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol. 209, pp. 793-806


2) Matot B., Le Bihan Y.V., Lescasse R., Pérez J., Miron S., David G., Castaing B., Waber P., Raynal B., Zinn-Justin S., Gasparini S. & Le Du M.H. (2012)

“The orientation of the C-terminal domain of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rap1 protein is determined by its binding to DNA”

Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 40, pp. 3197-3207


1) Carette X., Blondiaux N., Willery E., Hoos S., Lecat-Guillet N., Lens Z., Wohlkönig A., Wintjens R., Soror S.H., Frénois F., Dirié B., Villeret V., England P., Lippens G., Deprez B., Locht C., Willand N. & Baulard A.R. (2012)

“Structural activation of the transcriptional repressor EthR from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by single amino acid change mimicking natural and synthetic ligands”

Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 40, pp. 3018-3030

Publications in which the contribution of the PFBMI is acknowledged

Karst J.C., Barker R., Devi U., Swann M., Davi M., Roser S.J., Ladant D. & Chenal A. (2012) “Identification of a region that assists membrane insertion and translocation of the catalytic domain of Bordetella pertussis CyaA toxin”

Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 287, pp. 9200-9212


Ghorbal M, Scheidig-Benatar C, Bouizem S, Thomas C, Paisley G, Faltermeier C, Liu M, Scherf A, Lopez-Rubio JJ & Gopaul DN (2012)

“Initial characterization of the Pf-Int recombinase from the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum”

PLoS One, vol. 7, pp. e46507


Terrien E, Chaffotte A, Lafage M, Khan Z, Préhaud C, Cordier F, Simenel C, Delepierre M, Buc H, Lafon M & Wolff N (2012)

“Interference with the PTEN-MAST2 interaction by a viral protein leads to cellular relocalization of PTEN”

Science Signaling vol. 5, pp. ra58.


Kubiak X, Dervins-Ravault D, Pluvinage B, Chaffotte AF, Gomez-Valero L, Dairou J, Busi F, Dupret JM, Buchrieser C & Rodrigues-Lima F (2012)

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Biochemical Journal, vol. 445, pp. 219-228