Publications 2011

Publications 2011

8) Tosi T., Nickerson N.N., Mollica L., Jensen M.R., Blackledge M., Baron B., England P., Pugsley A.P. & Dessen A. (2011)

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6) Ibrahim H., Kasselouri A., Raynal B., Pansu R. & Prognon P. (2011)

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Journal of Luminescence, vol.131, pp. 2528-2537


5) Benaroudj N., Raynal B., Miot M. & Ortiz-Lombardia M. (2011)

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3) El Ghachi M., Matteï P.J., Ecobichon C., Martins A., Hoos S., Schmitt C., Colland F., Ebel C., Prévost M.C., Gabel F., England P., Dessen A. & Boneca I.G. (2011)

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Molecular Microbiology, vol. 82, pp. 68-86


2) Shepard W., Soutourina O., Courtois E., England P., Haouz A. & Martin-Verstraete I. (2011)

“Insights into the Rrf2 Repressor Family: The Structure of CymR, the Global Cysteine Regulator of Bacillus subtilis”

FEBS Journal, vol. 278, pp. 2689-2701


1) Juillerat A., Lewit-Bentley A., Guillotte M., Gangnard S., Hessel A., Baron B., Vigan-Womas I., England P., Mercereau-Puijalon O. & Bentley G.A. (2011)

“Structure of a Plasmodium falciparum PfEMP1 rosetting domain reveals a role for the N-terminal segment in heparin-mediated rosette inhibition”

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS), vol. 108, pp. 5243-5248



Publications in which the contribution of the PFBMI is acknowledged


Sotomayor-Pérez A.C., Ladant D. & Chenal A. (2011)

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