Publications 2009

Publications 2009

 10) Hjerpe R., Aillet F., Lopitz-Otsoa F., Lang V., England P. & Rodriguez M.S. (2009)
"Efficient protection and isolation of ubiquitylated proteins using tandem ubiquitin-binding entities"
EMBO Reports, vol. 10, pp. 1250-1258.
9) Aloui Z., Hoos S., Geretti E., Kharmachi H., Haumont P.Y., Mejdoub H., Klagsbrun M., England P. & Gasmi A. (2009)
"Novel svVEGF isoforms from Macrovipera lebetina venom interact with neuropilins"
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol. 389, pp. 10-15.

8) Isabet T., Montagnac G., Regazzoni K., Raynal B., El Khadali F., England P., Franco M., Chavrier P., Houdusse A. & Ménétrey J. (2009)
"The structural basis of Arf effector specificity: the crystal structure of ARF6 in a complex with JIP4"
EMBO Journal, vol. 28, pp. 2835-2845.

7) Guillière F., Peixeiro N., Kessler A., Raynal B., Desnoues N., Keller J., Delepierre M., Prangishvili D., Sezonov G. & Guijarro J.I. (2009)
"Structure, function, and targets of the transcriptional regulator SvtR from the hyperthermophilic archaeal virus SIRV1"
Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 284, pp. 22222-222237.

6) Theillet F.X., Saul F.A., Vulliez-Le Normand B., Hoos S., Felici F., Weintraub A., Mulard L.A., Phalipon A., Delepierre M. & Bentley G.A. (2009)
"Structural mimicry of O-antigen by a peptide revealed in a complex with an antibody raised against Shigella flexneri serotype 2a"
Journal of Molecular Biology, vol. 388, pp. 839-850.

5) Bruhns P., Iannascoli B., England P., Mancardi D.A., Fernandez N., Jorieux S. & Daëron M. (2009)
"Specificity and affinity of human Fcγ receptors and their polymorphic variants for human IgG subclasses"
Blood, vol. 113, pp. 3716-3725.

4) Lafaye P., Achour I., England P., Duyckaerts C. & Rougeon F. (2009)
"Single-domain antibodies recognize selectively small oligomeric forms of amyloid beta, prevent Abeta-induced neurotoxicity and inhibit fibril formation"
Molecular Immunology, vol. 46, pp. 695-704.
3) Rich R.L.,  Hoos S., England P., & Myszka D.G. (2009)
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Analytical Biochemistry, vol. 386, pp. 194-216.

2) England P., Wehenkel A., Martins S., Hoos S., André-Leroux G., Villarino A. & Alzari P.M. (2009)
"The FHA-containing protein GarA acts as a phosphorylation-dependent molecular switch in mycobacterial signaling"
FEBS Letters, vol. 583, pp. 301-307.

1) Chenal A., Guijarro J.I., Raynal B., Delepierre M. & Ladant D. (2009)
"RTX calcium binding motifs are intrinsically disordered in the absence of calcium: implication for protein secretion"
Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 284, pp. 1781-1789.

Publications on which PFBMI is aknowledge

 Bocquet N., Nury H., Baaden M., Le Poupon C., Changeux J.P., Delarue M. & Corringer P.J. (2009)
"X-ray structure of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel in an apparently open conformation"
Nature, vol. 457, pp. 111-114.

Bannwarth L., Rose T., Dufau L., Vanderesse R., Dumond J., Jamart-Grégoire B., Pannecouque C., De Clercq E. & Reboud-Ravaux M. (2009)
"Dimer disruption and monomer sequestration by alkyl tripeptides are successful strategies for inhibiting wild-type and multidrug-resistant mutated HIV-1 proteases"
Biochemistry, vol. 48, pp. 379-387.

Laplantine E., Fontan E., Chiaravalli J., Lopez T., Lakisic G., Véron M., Agou F. & Israël A. (2009)
"NEMO specifically recognizes K63-linked poly-ubiquitin chains through a new bipartite ubiquitin-binding domain"
EMBO Journal, vol. 28, pp. 2885-2895.

Le H.T., Chaffotte A.F., Demey-Thomas E., Vinh J., Friguet B. & Mary J. (2009)
"Impact of hydrogen peroxide on the activity, structure, and conformational stability of the oxidized protein repair enzyme methionine sulfoxide reductase A"
Journal of Molecular Biology, vol. 393, pp. 58-66.

Hindie V., Stroba A., Zhang H., Lopez-Garcia L.A., Idrissova L., Zeuzem S., Hirschberg D., Schaeffer F., Jørgensen T.J., Engel M., Alzari P.M. & Biondi R.M. (2009)
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Nature Chemical Biology, vol. 5, pp. 758-764.

Stroba A., Schaeffer F., Hindie V., Lopez-Garcia L., Adrian I., Fröhner W., Hartmann R.W., Biondi R.M. & Engel M. (2009)
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