PFBMI operates according to 3 different schemes
1) service provision: this scheme corresponds to routine experiments performed in standard conditions, without intervention of the person who requests them;
2) instrument allocation after user training: in this scheme, users are trained individually until they acquire an operational autonomy, allowing them to perform and/or analyze their experiments by themselves.
3) scientific collaboration: projects in which the PFBMI is strongly involved over a significant period of time (several weeks to several years). In this case, experiments are designed, performed and analyzed in tandem between the PFBMI personnel and that of the research units involved in the collaboration


Equipments on the PFBMI are available for the entire scientific community, national and international, but a priority is given at Institut Pasteur and Institut Pasteur International Network.
The PFBMI is performing the analysis as one goes along their reception ( An inital form (upload here) must be joined.