Departmental life includes several types of events which bring together researchers, students/Post-docs and engineers/techs/administration personnel. A departmental day is organized, on average, once every two years. There are also opendays which  are organized by the research units or specialized topics meetings by the technological platforms. On a more regular basis, scientific seminars are hosted in various formats and venues.

Seminars of the Department

The scientific seminars are scheduled either after the Seminar committee has selected a list of prominent speakers prior to the beginning of the academic year, or by the departmental units themselves in a more flexible manner.

Seminars of the UMR CNRS 3523 et 3528

Seminars are also scheduled for internal speakers from the UMR 3523 and 3528 of the CNRS, which are intrinsic components of the Department with matching units between the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS. The "Structural biology of cellular processes and Infectious Diseases" (UMR3528) and the "Organic Chemistry" (UMR3523) seminars are given by internal members of the Department.

Journal Clubs for Students and post-docs

These are an interesting moment for students and post-docs to get to know each other and share their views on research.

"Wine and Beer" sessions

"Wine and Beer"  is another opportunity for the Department's personnel to meet and exchange in a more informal setting once a month.