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Research Units of the Department of Microbiology

 Anaerobic Bacteria and Toxins Unit
headed by Michel-Robert POPOFF
Anaerobes; Gene regulation;
Stress responses
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Antibacterial Agents Unit
headed by Patrice COURVALIN
Keywords: Antibiotics; Resistance; Genetics; Biochemistry; Epidemiology

Bacterial Membranes Unit
headed by Cécile WANDERSMAN
Membranes proteins; Iron acquisition; ABC transporters; Serratia marcescens;
Proton motive force

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Biological Ressources Centre
headed by
Chantal BIZET
Keywords: Strains collection; Identification;

Biology and  Genetics of Bacterial Cell Wall Unit
headed by
Ivo Gomperts BONECA

Peptidoglycan, Hydrolases, Penicillin binding protein,  ß-lactam antibiotics, NOD-like proteins
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Biology of Gram positif Pathogens Unit
headed by Patrick TRIEU-CUOT
Gram positive Bacteria; Pathogenicity; Fonctional Genomics; Genetic Regulation;
Stress responses
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Biology of Spirochetes Unit
headed by Mathieu PICARDEAU
Keywords: Leptospirosis; Lyme disease; Comparative genomics; Mutagenesis

Collection of Cyanobacteria
headed by Muriel GUGGER
Cyanobacteria; Biodiversity; Genomics; Cyanotoxins; NRPS/PKS metabolites
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Fungal Culture Collection
headed by Bernard PAPIEROK
Keywords: Fungi collection; Identification

Genetics of Biofilms Unitt
headed by Jean-Marc GHIGO
Keywords: Biofilm; Adhesion; Escherichia coli; Transcriptome; Conjugation

Helicobacter Pathogenesis Unit
headed by Hilde de REUSE
Keywords: Helicobacter pylori; Urease: Nickel;
Gastric Cancer; Genotoxicity

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Institut Pasteur Collection
headed by Chantal BIZET
Keywords: Bacteria; Taxonomy; Collection; Preservation; Accreditation
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Molecular Biology of Gene in Extremophiles Unit
Headed by Patrick FORTERRE
Keywords: Archaea; Viruses; Transcription; Phylogeny; Ecology; Phage-bacterial interactions

Molecular Genetics Unit
headed by Anthony PUGSLEY
Keywords: Escherichia coli; Protein secretion; Membrane biogenenesis; Transcriptional regulation
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Pathogenesis of Bacterial Anaerobes Laboratory
headed by Bruno DUPUIS   Keywords: Metabolism; Regulation; Clostridia; athogenesis; Anaerobia; Toxins
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Pathogenesis of Bacterial Toxi-infections Laboratory
headed by Pierre GOOSSENS
Keywords: Pathogenesis; Toxins

Pathogenesis of Mucosal  Bacteria Unit
headed by Agnès LABIGNE
Keywords: Helicobacter pylori; Pathogenesis; Gastric cancer; Adaptation to acidity
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(closed on December 31, 2008)

Toxins and Bacterial Pathogenesis Unit 
headed by Michèle MOCK
Keywords: Bacillus anthracis; Toxins
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(closed on September 30, 2010)


Yersinia Unit 
headed by Elisabeth CARNIEL
Keywords: Plague; Immune response;
Pathogenesis; Phage; Horizontal gene transfer; Genetic determinants
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