2012/2013 Program

Infection & Epidemiology Department Seminars
Unknown risks, unware behaviors
Organized by A. Opinel (Pharmacoepidemiolgy and Infectious Diseases /UVSQ EA449/INSERM U657) and M. Garenne (Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases), Infection & Epidemiology Department, Institut Pasteur
Venue : 2 p.m. Institut Pasteur, 28 rue du Dr Roux 75015 Paris, BIME, 1er étage, salle 28-07-01A.
This third seminar series (2010-2011: “The question of the proof and decision making in Epidemiology/Public Health”; 2012: “The control of infectious diseases: eradication and missed opportunities”), addresses the notion of unknown risks. We will explore the risks and behaviors associated with infectious disease that go unaccounted for or unexamined by populations or health personnel. What are “invisible” risks? “Erroneous” perceptions? “Irrational” behaviors? What are the new quantifications of risk? Do low noise infections generate “naïve” behaviors? Do denied risks constitute “unknown” ones? Measuring bacterial contacts within a chain of transmission reveals what is not visible; it sheds light on individual or collective behaviors that unwittingly ignore or deliberately neglect risks of infectious disease transmission. For instance, non-vaccination may constitute deliberate negligence of one’s broader community, because low vaccination coverage will effectively increase the circulation of microbes. The seminars will deal with case studies of specific diseases (cholera, hepatitis C, STDs, HIV/AIDS, HPV, etc...). Our approach is multidisciplinary, and the seminars are open to all.

3 January 2013
Michel Garenne (Institut Pasteur)
Unaware behaviors and unknown risks: cholera in Africa
7 February 2013
Alice Forster (Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences, King's College London, London)
Exploring the possible risks associated with vaccinating girls against human papillomavirus
28 March 2013
Pascal Astagneau (C-CLIN / Université Pierre & Marie Curie)
Healthcare-associated infections : behaviors towards unknown or emerging risks
25 April 2013
Didier Guillemot (Institut Pasteur/UVSQ/Inserm)
Can ICT make the unseen visible?

23 May 2013
Aline Munier (Institut Pasteur)
Hepatitis C epidemic in Egypt, or the consequences of unawareness

13 June 2013
Susanne Blödt (Institute for social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics, Charité University Medical Center, Berlin)
Human Papillomavirus awareness, knowledge and vaccine acceptance

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