2010/2011 Program

Infection & Epidemiology Department Seminars
The question of proof and decision-making in epidemiology/public health
Organized by A. Opinel (Pharmacoepidemiolgy and Infectious Diseases/UVSQ EA449/INSERM U657) and M. Garenne (Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases), Infection & Epidemiology Department, Institut Pasteur
Venue: Institut Pasteur, 25 rue du Dr Roux 75015 Paris, Metchnikoff building, ground floor, Jules BORDET room at 2 p.m.
The aim of these research seminars is to discuss the interpretation of clinical trial results (trials, epidemiological investigations) and diverse types of proofs used in epidemiology and public health for the definition of health policies. Cases of convergence and divergence between different approaches will be highlighted. How can we translate results into public health policy? Are clinical trials always necessary? In which cases are clinical trials or epidemiological studies potentially misleading?
21 October 2010
A. Opinel, M. Garenne
General Introduction
Michel Garenne (Institut Pasteur)
Controversies relating to male circumcision for the control of HIV
9 December 2010
Michel Setbon (CNRS)
Predictions and perceptions following the influenza A/H1N1 pandemic
10 February 2011
Didier Tabuteau (Sciences-Po and Université Paris-Descartes)
Laws, health policy, health insurance and health crises : reflections on ministerial décisions
24 March 2011
Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes-Inserm)
The risk of cancer, between epidemiology, eoxicology, veterinary medicine and public expert advice: the diethylstilbestrol affair in the United States (1965-1985)
7 April 2011
Daniel Lévy-Brulh (InVS)
From obtaining authorization for the market release of a new vaccine to its lack of integration into the vaccination schedule
5 May 2011
Jean-Claude Desenclos (InVS)
From the efficacy of biomedical innovations to their impact on public health in the field
19 May 2011
Nicole Guiso (Institut Pasteur)
Whooping cough vaccines and encephalopathy. Consequences for vaccination strategies, the medical world and the population
9 June 2011
William Dab (CNAM)
Health safety knowledge and decision-making
16 June 2011
Gérard Jorland (Ehess)
Epidemiological models and epidemic reality
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