Brief Curriculum Vitae

Noëlle DOYEN

Date of birth: September 28, 1948
Telephone: (33 1) 44 38 95 07- E-mail:
Nationality: French

1982: “Thèse de Doctorat ès Sciences Naturelles ”, University of Paris 7 (PhD thesis)
1976: Immunology course, Pasteur Institute
1975: “Thèse de Doctorat de 3ème cycle ”, University of Paris 7
1972 “DEA d’immunologie” (Master’s degree), University of Paris 7
1968-1971 “ Maîtrise de Biochimie”, University of Paris 7

2004-present “ Chef de Laboratoire ” (associate Professor) at Pasteur Institute. Unit « Early responses to parasites and Immunopathology”. Cellular Immunology: Rôle of « Toll-like » (TLRs) receptors in infection with Leishmania major
1993-2003: “ Chef de Laboratoire ” at Pasteur Institute. Unit « Genetics and Biochemistry of Developpement (I.P. / CNRS 1960). Head of Unit: Professor F. Rougeon. Molecular Immunology: Studies of molecular mechanism generating Ig and TCR junctional diversity. Role of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in the diversification of antigen receptors.
1984-1993: “ Chargée de Recherche ” at Pasteur Institute. Unit ’Genetics and Biochemistry of Developpement". Molecular Immunology: Regulation of transcription of immunoglobulin genes. Characterization and identification of regulatory sequences of immunoglobulin promoters.
1972-1984: “ Boursière Roux ” and “ assistante ”, from 1976. Unit « Immunochemistry of protéins (I.P.) Head of Unit: Professor C. Lapresle. Immunochemistry: Studies of antigenic structure of the human serum albumin with monoclonal antibodies”

SUPERVISORY FUNCTION (PhD thesis supervisor)
2007-2008 John Pirault Master 2 Immunology university Paris 7 in preparation
2004 2008 Faihaa HkimaAbou Fakher / Master 2 (2005) Immunology, university Paris 7. Thesis in preparation
2005-2007 Nassima Ferhani/ Master 2 Immunology university Paris 7 defended in 2007
2005-2006 Noemie Dumerain/ Master 2 Immunology university Paris 6
2000-2004 Marie Cherrier: DEA in immunology. PhD thesis defended at University Paris 6
1994-1999: Françoise Nourrit: PhD thesis defended at University Paris 6.
1991-1998: Laurent Bentolila: DEA in Genetics (1991) and PhD thesis defended at University Paris 6
1989-1994: Tri Nguyen: DEA in Virology (1989) and PhD thesis defended at University Paris 7

1991-2002: Institut Pasteur: General Immunology course: Structure and expression of immunoglobulin genes
1994: Institut Pasteur: Tropical microbiology course: immunoglobulin and T cell receptors genes.
1991-1993: Tours University: course: “ Expression in eucaryotic cells and homologous recombination ”
1988-1990: Institut Pasteur: Advanced Immunology course: immunoglobulin genes
1987: Institut Pasteur:Practical course of engenerying genetics
1987.1989Ecole vétérinaire de Maisons Alfort. Immunology course

2001-present Member of “ bureau de la Société Française d’ Immunologie”
1997-2000 Member of “ conseil du département d’ immunologie”
1998 Congress: Jounées départementales d’ immunologie de l’institut Pasteur

Kallenbach, S., Doyen, N. and Rougeon, F. European patent: 91.15589 (11/12/91).
Procédé de synthèse in vitro d’anticorps.