Brief Curriculum Vitae


Research associate

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1988 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Paris 7 University
1989 Master of Immunology, Paris 7 University
1993 PhD in Immunology, Paris 7 University
2004 Ability to supervise research (HDR), Paris 5 University

Position and employment
1993-1995 Boursière de la Fondation Roux (Institut Pasteur contract), Institut Pasteur
1996-2001 Assistante de Recherche, Institut Pasteur
2002-present Chargée de Recherche (assistant Professor), Institut Pasteur

1999-2003 Anne-France Petit-Bertron, Master & PhD thesis, Paris 5 University.
2002 Carolyn Ismaïn, Bachelor of Science training, Paris 5 University
Since Feb. 2004 Ronan Kapétanovic, Master & PhD thesis (Université Paris 5).
April 2006-July 2007 Cristina Ciornei, post-doct (Sweeden)
Since Dec. 2006 Oh-Yoen Kim, post-doct (South Corea)

Since 2004 Co-organization of the bibliographic seminar on Innate Immunity, Master of Immunology, Institut Pasteur

Editorial Board
2008-present: Associate-Editor "Journal of Immunology"

Ad’hoc reviewer
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Circulation, Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Critical Care Medicine, Cytokine, European Journal of Immunology, Immunology, Intensive Care Medicine, Journal of Immunology

Société Française d’Immunologie (SFI), Member since 1991
International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society (IEIIS), Member since 2000
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), Member since 2002

Conferences upon invitation
Immunosuppression during sepsis : molecular mechanisms. Acute Renal Failure During Sepsis: A Multidisciplinary Approach , January 17 2003, Torino, Italy.

Reprogramming of monocytes reactivity in sepsis and systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Séminaire au "department for molecular Biomedical Research", December 3 2004, Ghent University, Belgium.

Cytokine cascade during sepsis. Anticoagulation of extracorporeal circuit in critical septic patients, September 29 2005, Torino, Italy.