Brief Curriculum Vitae


1980 Doctorat ès-Sciences (Dr.Sc. Immunology) - University Paris VI
1977 Doctorat de 3e cycle (PhD, Immunology) - University Paris VII
1975 Master of Immunology - Institut Pasteur

Position and employment
2008-present Professor (Institut Pasteur)
2006-2009 Director of the Department "Infection and Epidemiology" (Institut Pasteur)
2001-present Head of the Unit "Cytokines & Inflammation" (Institut Pasteur)
1991-2007 Associate-Professor (Inst. Pasteur)
1984-1990 Assistant-Professor (Inst. Pasteur)
1993 Sabbatical term at the New England Medical Center, Boston, USA
1981-1983 Assistant (Inst. Pasteur)
1979-1980 Fellow of the Roux Foundation (Inst. Pasteur)
1977-1979 Fellow of the Medical Reasearch Council of Canada (University of Toronto)
1976-1977 Fellow of the Roux Foundation (Inst. Pasteur)

Teaching Activities
1997.2002Director of the course "General Immunology and Immunophysiology of Infections" (Inst. Pasteur)
1994.1997Deputy-Director of the course "General Immunology" (Institut Pasteur)
1987.1994Head of Praticals works of the course "General Immunology" (Institut Pasteur)
1992 – present Numerous courses given in French Universities and abroad (Chile, Brasil, Mexico,
Thailand, Lebanon, Uruguay, Romania, Hong-Kong)

Journal Editorial Boards (member)
2010-present “Romanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology”
2009-present "International Journal of Inflammation"
2009-present "Journal of Medical Sciences" (Taiwan)
2007-present "The Open Immunology Journal"
2007-present "The Open Critical Care Medicine Journal"
2006-present "American Journal of Surgery"
2004-present "Journal of Infectious Diseases"
2002-2009 Associate-Editor of "Cytokine"
2002-present "European Cytokine Network"
1999-present "Shock"
1994-present "Innate Immunity" (former Journal of Endotoxin Research)

Other experience and professional membership
2009 Expert for : Health Research Board of Ireland, Swiss National Science Foundation,
Italian Ministry of Instruction, Universities and Research;; Center for Translational Molecular Medicine of the Netherlands; Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
2008Expert for : Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ; Science Foundation of Ireland
the Medical Research Council of UK ; Center for Translational Molecular Medicine of the Netherlands; Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Italian Telethon; the Swiss National Found, French Agency of Scientific Research Evaluation.
2007 Expert for the Danish Medical Research Council
2006 Expert for the National Medical Research Council of Singapore
2006-2009 President of the Scientific Evaluation Committee for 6 Institutes of the Pasteur Network
2005 Expert for the Belgian Science Policy Office of Belgium
2003-2006 Expert for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany)
2002-2006 Director of the "Euroconférences" (Institut Pasteur)
1999-present Member of the Shock Society
1999-2008 Member of the Scientific Council of the Cantacuzeno Inst. (Bucharest, Romania)
1998-2000 President of the "International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society"
1996-present Expert for the French Cystic Fibrosis Association
1995-2008 Member of the International Cytokine Society
1994-2005 Member of Scientific Evaluation Committee, Institut Pasteur

132 peer-reviewed publications, 68 reviews, 41 chapters in books, and two books. H index = 45

International invited lectures
n = 49 since 2000