Team members


Andrés Alcover
Head of Lab, Institut Pasteur

Corinne Kanakis
Secretary, Institut Pasteur

Vincenzo Di Bartolo
Staff scientist, Institut Pasteur

Helena Soares 
Post-doc, PTR214 (Institut Pasteur),
EMBO, Sidaction

Sonia Aguera,
Post-doc, ARC

Jérôme Bouchet

Victor Navas
PhD student, Paris 6 University 

Céline Cuche
Technician, Institut Pasteur 


Former members of the Unit

Maria Isabel Thoulouze, staff scientist; Institut Pasteur (2006-2013)
Marina Caillet, post-doc; Fondation AXA (2013)
Catherine Inizan, PhD student; Paris Diderot (Paris 7) University (2011-2013)
Remi Lasserre, post-doc; Bourse Roux (Institut Pasteur), ANR, ANRS (2006-2013)
Imke Ulken, 1st Year Master student. University of Münster, Germany (2011)
Lucie Lachmet-Thébaud. 2nd Year Master student; Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7 (2011)
Elise Biquand, trainee (2010)
Alexandre Ghenassia, biotechnology school student; Sup'Biotech, Villejuif (2010)
Louis-Baptiste Jaunay, 2nd Year Master student; Université Paris Descartes, Paris 5 (2010)
Valentina Robbiati, PhD student; UE Marie Curie-Intrapath (2006-2009)
Ana Monica Pais Correia, PhD student; FCT Portugal (2006-2009)
Stéphanie Charrin, Post-doc; La Ligue Contre le Cancer, Institut Pasteur (2004-2007)