The laboratory of Dendritic Cell Immunobiology

Unité mixte Pasteur / INSERM U818
Head of Lab : Matthew Albert, MD, PhD


General Interests

The ALBERT laboratory is a mixed INSERM / Pasteur Unit. The goals of the research unit are to characterize the role of dying cells in delivering antigen to dendritic cells for MHC I presentation, with a specific focus on the points of regulation that control the immunologic outcome of cross-presentation—priming vs. tolerance. In addition, we continue our participation in translational research with the idea of exploring in vivo examples in which apoptotic cells are responsible for delivering antigen to the immune system for purposes of eliciting effective tumor and viral immunity.

Over recent years the laboratory has obtained a series of significant results, including:
-   identification of dying cells as an active participant in the processing of antigen for cross-presentation
-   evidence for autophagy as a critical pathway in preparing cell-associated antigen for delivery to DCs for efficient CD8+ T cell priming
-   characterization of key intracellular signalling networks that regulate antigen cross-presentation
-   mechanistic information concerning the role of CD4+ T cell help in defining the immunologic outcome of cross-presentation
-   establishment of two new human models for the study of cross-presentation
-   evidence for chemokine antagonism in chronic HCV patients
-   generation of a 1st generation map of the inflammatory response to intravesical BCG
-   description of innate immune sensors and key interferon stimulated genes responsible for the control of chikungunya
-   identification of chemokine antagonism as a mechanism that limits response to therapy in patients with chronic HCV infection

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Immunobiology of Dendritic Cells
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