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User's Corner

While reserving, please remember to select "IP member" or "IP non-member" under "Project".
Please remember that in the event of cancellations, the reservation must be canceled >24h prior to the scheduled time slot in order to avoid being charged.

This data base aims to facilitate the choice and use of anti-human and anti-mouse antibodies to the CIH members. It provides information about isotype, flourochrome(s), supplier, recommanded dilution and a contact member-laboratory (to obtain more information) for an extensive list of antibodies. The data-base is based on the experience of laboratories-members of the CIH and is updated once per year.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem

  • CIH Technology Users’ meetings
Users of each CIH technology meet twice per year. These meetings provide the opportunity for users to share and exchange experiences and to make suggestions for the advancement of our services. Operating procedures, possibilities for improvements, technology upgrades and  other technology-related issues are discussed.