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Training and Seminars

  • Equipment Training

Technology Frequency Duration Contact
AutoMACS  The First Thursday / month  1h30  Gaëlle RIGAULT
Luminex Upon request  1 day CIH
LSRII Upon request   1 day CIH
ImageStreamX 1 training / year 4 days CIH
BioMark On demand 1 day CIH

  • Seminars
Imagestream Workshop program
presentation Gazeau
presentation Alanio
presentation Bargieri
presentation Filby
presentation Brons
presentation Friend
23st October 2012
CIH Technology Seminar on Mass Cytometry
document 21st november 2011

BioMark Training
program 1st april 2011

DIVA Presentation
program 24th march 2011
CIH Seminar  : Silvia Sánchez Ramón
Immunoregulation in Multiple Sclerosis
Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón
(Madrid, Spain)
program 23rd march 2011
"Training for ISX (ImageStreamX, Amnis)"
program 6th to 9th april 2010 
"Annual FlowJo Trainning" program and document 9th february 2010
"DIVA Training" program and document 4th february 2010
"Luminex technology for quantitative protein and gene expression profiling" program and document 9th april 2009
"FlowJo Training" program and documents 24th february 2009
"Next Generation of Flow Cytometry Reagents" program and documents 5th february 2009

  • Training program for medical fellows
We are in the process of designing a training program in human and clinical immunology. The CIH will build on well recognized courses in immunology, virology and epidemiology that already exist at the Institut Pasteur.

Translational Research Symposium

The CIH has established a Translational Research Symposium (Journée de la Recherche Translationnelle) as an annual event to promote and nucleate a community for both fundamental researchers and clinicians and to encourage students and medical fellows to get training and pursue a career in translational research.