Center for Human Immunology - Staff

The CIH is directed by members of the Department of Immunology at the Institut Pasteur, Paris. There is a permanent staff and the possibility to welcome trainees as well as temporary personnel linked to translational research projects linked to the center.

The CIH team


Trainees / Collaborators

The CIH is dedicated to the training of postdoctoral fellows, medical fellows and postgraduate students involved in translational research.


Philippe Sultanik
MD, Hôpital Cochin (Paris)
Topic : Sensitivity of IFNa as a biomarker for treatement of hepatitis C

Cécile Alanio
MD (Paris)
Topic : Caracterisation of T cell specific for melanocytic antigens : Exploring the determinants of antitumor immune response and involvement in immunotherapy 


Marta Tejera Alhambra
Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón (Madrid)
Topic : Clinical Significance of CXCL10 in distinct Forms of Multiple Sclerosis
Cyril Rentsch
Basle University Hospital (Switzerland)
Topic : BCGtherapy in bladder cancer treatment

Claire de la Calle
Topic : Development of Image Xtream