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The Center for Human Immunology (Centre d’Immunologie Humaine, CIH) is a translational research center within the Institut Pasteur, dedicated to investigators (both researchers and clinicians) who are engaged in human subject studies. The goal of the CIH is to facilitate the development of collaborative projects between basic researchers and clinicians and to establish a scientific community of clinically-oriented scientists and research-oriented clinicians.

The CIH was created in November 2007 with funding from the Institut Pasteur, Cancéropôle Ile-de-France, Fondation de la Recherche Médicale and ANRS. It is affiliated with the Immunology Department and Imagopole at the Institut Pasteur, and has been labeled as Center of Excellence by the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (

CIH Technology Platform provides access to state-of-the-art equipment to pursue translational research projects whereas the CIH Clinical Coordination helps with the design and implementation of clinical studies.

The CIH is now a mixt platform Institut Pasteur - Inserm (UMS20).

Improving human health through a better understanding of human physiology and disease pathogenesis

Vision & Mission:
The core vision of the CIH is to improve human health through a better understanding of human physiology and disease pathogenesis. Our mission is to establish a scientific community of clinically-oriented scientists and research-oriented clinicians around the shared desired to advance research in human immunology. The management team, staff and scientific members work together to build a translational research community focused on initiating, conducting and training investigators working on biomedical research projects that involve human subjects. Our shared efforts will result in:
• A deeper understanding of the immune mechanisms of human physiology and pathology;
• The definition of novel diagnostic tools;
• The identification of creative strategies for developing new therapeutic interventions.

Specifically, our objectives are:
• To deliver new validated clinical concepts in selected diseases areas with focus on infectious diseases, cancer, allergy, autoimmunity and transplantation;
• To expand upon our state-of-the art technology platform (core facility) to support translational research;
• To develop an interdisciplinary academic program in Human Immunology and participate in training the next generation of scientists in translational research;
• To partner with industry in order to translate fundamental discoveries to clinical practice.
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The CIH is located in the Immunology Department of the Institut Pasteur, Paris and operates as one of the platforms grouped into the Imagopole. The Institut Pasteur is internationally recognized for its commitment to infectious disease and the Immunology Department is one of the top research and training environments in Europe for fundamental immunology. As such, the CIH benefits from a dynamic research environment both from the perspective of scientific interactions but also with regards to the development of novel imaging-based technologies. The Center has been named a multi-national FOCIS Center of Excellence, which strengthens its connection with international community for interdisciplinary translational immunology. To learn more about FOCIS (The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies), please follow the link.
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Access to the CIH:

The Center is open to researchers from the Institut Pasteur and to members of the scientific community (both academic and industry are welcome). There are two ways of using the CIH: (1) by submitting a project and becoming a member of the Center or (2) as “non-member”. Membership of the CIH is determined on a per-project basis and requires scientific review. Access is granted based on this review and based on the needs of the project and the availability of requested resource. Members have an access to the entire equipment of the Technology Platform and can benefit from help of the Clinical Coordination team of the CIH. “Non-members” of the CIH have a limited access to a part of the CIH equipment. Learn more about the access/use of the CIH.
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External scientific advisory board:
An external Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was put together to accompany the creation and review the development of the CIH. The SAB represents a group of internationally recognized scientists who meet every two years to evaluate the performance of the Center.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center § University of Washington, USA
 Current Members:   
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research,  SWITZERLAND

European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
King's College London, UK

Jonathan BRAUN
University of California, USA

John Hopkins
University School
of Medicine, USA
Former members

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