The Advanced Immunology course

The lecture program focuses on advanced studies of the main themes in cellular and molecular Immunology: molecular basis of antigen recognition by B and T cells, development of the immune, repertoire selection and auto-immunity, intracellular communication, immune response, experimental immunotherapy and innate immunity.
-In addition, the course includes two weeks and a half of laboratory practical course and one week of thematic bibliography seminars
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Directors of the course : Andres Alcover and Antonio Freitas

Lecturers:(preleminary list)
M. Albert, A. Alcover, B. Autran, A. Bandeira, F. Batista, C. Bougeois, L. Chatenoud, E. Claassen, F. Colucci, R. Cornall, A. Cumano, G. Dadaglio, M. Daëron, M. Daha, T. De France, V. Di Bartolo, J. Di Santo, L. Du Pasquier, G. Eberl, A. Fischer, A. Freitas, P. Friedl, P. Golstein, M. Goodhardt, A. Hayday, M. Heikenwaelder, D. Hume, E. Jenkinson, D. Kioussis, L. Klein, R. Lasserre, C. Leclerc, J. P. Levraud, R. Mac Donald, T. Mac Donald, L. Majlessi, R. Mebius, S. Pellegrini, P. Pereira, P. Pierre, L. Quintana-Murci, J. M. Reichhart, W. Reith, C. A. Reynaud, B. Rocha, H.-R. Rodewald, M. C. Saleh, C. Tanchot, J. M. Tiercy, N. Van Baren, C. Vosshenrich and J. C. Weill.