European Networks

  EC Project (COST action) : ENTIRE (European Network for Transnational Immunology Research and Education)


  EU 7th Framework Collaborative Project IFNaction. 2009-2012



EU 7th Framework. NOVSEC-TB. Novel secretion systems of Mycobacterim tuberculosis and their role in host-pathogen interaction


FP7 SPHINX Coordinated Action - Spontaneous clearance in Patients acutely infected with HCV - Immune profiling: Novel biomarkers and X-omics approaches

ENII Summer School, Alghero, Sardinia

European Research Council (ERC) projects

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant : Antonio FREITAS. Role of Quorum Sensing mechanisms in the Immune System’s regulation.

ERC Starting Grant :  Philippe BOUSSO. The regulation and outcome of immune cell interactions in vivo.

ERC Staring Grant  : Matthew ALBERT. The paradoxical role of type I interferons in Hepatitis C disease pathogenesis and treatment