Jean-Baptiste Masson

Jean-Baptiste Masson


Born in Paris (France) on October 5,1982.
Tel: +33-1-4061 3923

Scientific Activity (Key Words)

Physical Biology; Statistical physics; Chemotaxis; Biological mobility; Terahertz Imaging

Short Employment Record

2004 - 2007  Ph. D. in Ecole Polytechnique: Ionic contrast terahertz imaging, Statistical Physics of Surface Plamons Polaritons. Laboratory of Optics and Biosciences. Thesis advisor: Guilhem Gallot and François Hache
2008 - Research Scientist/Chargé de recherche (grade assistant) Institut Pasteur
2012 - Research Scientist/Charg
é de recherche Institut Pasteur

Long Term Visits

Visiting scientist at:

(2009) KITP, Santa Barbara: Population Genetics and Genomics (3 months)

Selected Publications

  - Probing Membrane Portein Interactions with Their Lipid Raft Environement Using Single-Molecule Tracking and Bayesian Inference Analysis, S. Turkcan, M. U. Richly, A. Alexandrou & J.-B Masson, vol 8, issue 1, e53073, 2013

 - Diffraction from a subwavelength elliptic aperture: Analytic approximate aperture fields, J.-B Masson & G. Gallot, JOSA A, vol 29, issue 9, pp2005-2014 (2012)

- A Bayesian Inference Scheme to Extract Diffusivity and Potential Fields from Confined Single Molecule Trajectories, S. Turkcan, A. Alexandrou & J.-B Masson, Biophysical Journal vol 10, issue 10, p2288-2298 (2012)

- Non-invasive inference of the molecular chemotactic response using bacterial trajectories, Masson J.-B, Voisinne G., Wong-NG J., Celani A., Vergassola M., PNAS, vol 109, No 5, p 1802-1807

- Chasing information to search in random environments. J.B. Masson, M. Bailly-Bechet, M. Vergassola, J. Phys. A, Vol 42 p 434009 special issue on random search problems.

- Repulsion and metabolic switches in the collective behavior of bacterial colonies. A. Sekowska, J.B. Masson, A. Celani, A. Danchin, M. Vergassola, Biophys. J., vol 97 p 688-698, August 2009

- Inferring maps of forces inside cell membrane microdomains. Masson JB, Casanova D, Türkcan S, Voisinne G, Popoff MR, Vergassola M, Alexandrou A. Phys Rev Lett. 102 048103. 2009.
Featured in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research – Feb. 1, 2009, Volume 17, Issue 3;
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology – Feb. 9, 2009, Volume 19, issue 6;

- Ionic contrast terahertz near-field imaging of axonal water fluxes, J-B Masson, M-P Sauviat, J-L Martin, and G. Gallot, PNAS, vol.103, No. 13, March 28, 2006

Ego Feeding : Awards

2000 National Chemistry Olympics
2009 Young Scientist award of the French Biophysical Society
2010 Gordon Research Conference (GRC, Single Molecule Approaches to Biology) Innovation Poster Price

Links To Projects

Mapless searches

Here, I show some experimental Mapless searches where a robot without space perception is searching for a thermal source from the turbulent thermal plume transported by the locally generated wind. In the two first videos wind information is not used in the third one the wind is used.