Guillaume Voisinne

Guillaume Voisinne


Born in 21 juillet 1982
Tel: 01 40 61 31 18

Scientific Activity (Key Words)

Statistical Physics, Inference, Information Theory, Bacterial and Eucaryotic Chemotaxis

Short Employment Record

2007-  Phd in Pasteur Institute (Paris) in unit Physics of Biological Systems, Supervisor: Massimo Vergassola

Selected Papers

Inferring maps of forces inside cell membrane microdomains. Masson JB, Casanova D, Türkcan S, Voisinne G, Popoff MR, Vergassola M, Alexandrou A. Phys Rev Lett. 102 048103. 2009.
Featured in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research – Feb. 1, 2009, Volume 17, Issue 3;
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology – Feb. 9, 2009, Volume 19, issue 6