Mouse Genetics Engineering Center (CIGM)

Francina Langa Vives


Officially created in June 2003, the Centre d’Ingénierie Génétique Murine (CIGM) is a novel technological facility at Institut Pasteur. The CIGM is open to the Pasteur scientific community (and also to external customers) interested in new transgenic, knock-out or knock-in murine models.

The CIGM aims to generate genetically-engineered mice either by:

Classical transgenesis techniques, consisting of microinjection of the gene of interest (ADN fragment, BAC or YAC) into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs.

francina-oocyte francina-transgenics

The service is available in hybrid (B6SJLF1, B6CBAF1) and pure (C57BL6/N, FVB/N) genetic backgrounds.

Targeted mutation by homologous recombination in ES cells and germline transmission.

francina-blasto francina-chimeres2

Chimeras crossing for the obtention of heterozygous mice for the desired mutation.

The CIGM also provides advice for optimal design of both types of transgenic DNA constructions.