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Recent publications

M. Lopes, O. Goupille, C. Saint Cloment and B. Robert
Msx1 is expressed in retina endothelial cells at artery branching sites
Biology Open 2012 e-press doi:10.1242/bio.2012017 

M. Lopes, O. Goupille, C. Saint Cloment, Y. Lallemand, A. Cumano and B. Robert
Msx genes define a population of mural cell precursors required for head blood vessel maturation
Development 2011 Jul;138 (14):3055-66.
J. A. Lehoczky, B. Robert and C. J. Tabin
Mouse digit tip regeneration is mediated by fate-restricted progenitor cells
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 Dec 20;108 (51):20609-14.
R. Le Bouffant, B. Souquet, N. Duval, C. Duquenne, R. Herve, N. Frydman, B. Robert, R. Habert and G. Livera
Msx1 and Msx2 promote meiosis initiation
Development 2011 Dec;138 (24):5393-402.
O. Goupille, G. Pallafacchina, F. Relaix, S. J. Conway, A. Cumano, B. Robert, D. Montarras and M. Buckingham
Characterization of Pax3-expressing cells from adult blood vessels
J Cell Sci 2011 Dec 1;124 (23):3980-8.
V. Bensoussan-Trigano, Y. Lallemand, C. Saint Cloment and B. Robert
Msx1 and Msx2 in limb mesenchyme modulate digit number and identity
Dev Dyn 2011 May;240 (5):1190-202.
Y. Lallemand, V. Bensoussan, C. Saint Cloment and B. Robert
Msx genes are important apoptosis effectors downstream of the Shh/Gli3 pathway in the limb
Dev Biol 2009 Jul 15;331 (2):189-98.
O. Goupille, C. Saint Cloment, M. Lopes, D. Montarras and B. Robert
Msx1 and Msx2 are expressed in sub-populations of vascular smooth muscle cells
Developmental Dynamics 2008 237 2187-2194.
V. Bensoussan, Y. Lallemand, J. Moreau, C. Saint-Cloment, F. Langa and B. Robert
Generation of an Msx2-GFP conditional null allele
Genesis 2008 46 (5):276-82.