Lab members

Lab members

Group leader

Dr. Benoit Robert
Group coordinator

Scenior scientists

Dr. Yvan Lallemand
Project: Gene interactions in limb patterning and morphogenesis
Dr. Nathalie Duval
Project: Msx genes, neural tube patterning and neuronal cell type specification


Mathura Shanmugasundaram (PhD student)
Project: Limb morphogenesis
Céline Bourcier de Carbon (Master student)
Project: Msx genes and neuron specification

Logistic Support

Claudine Cretenet


Myriam Taisne

Former laboratory members

Dr. Miguel Lopes
Currently post-doc scientist at IPSEN Innovation, Les Ulis
Dr. Olivier Goupille
Currently post-Doc at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses

Up From left to right: Sophie Marchiset, Ronja Woloszczuk, Claudine Cretenet, Nathalie Duval, Elisabeth Croullebois, Lara Bentassil, Benoit Robert, Miguel Lopes, Yvan Lallemand, Cecille Saint Cloment