Lab members


Lab Members (2011)
Skeletal myogenesis
Colin CRIST (postdoc) -
- miRNAs, Pax3 co-factors
Philippe DAUBAS (senior scientist, CNRS) -
- Myf5 gene regulation
Aurore L’HONORE (postdoc) -
- Pitx genes
Alicia MAYEUF (PhD student) -
 - Foxc1/c2, Notch
Didier MONTARRAS (senior scientist, Pasteur Institute) -
- Satellite cell work
Fabienne LESCROART (PhD student) -
 - Lineage analyses
Didier ROCANCOURT (engineer, Pasteur Institute) -
 - Cardiogenesis, mouse genetics

Catherine BODIN (technician, Pasteur Institute) -
Sabrina COQUERAN (technician, CNRS) -
Sophie MARCHISET (lab aid, Pasteur Institute) -
Myriam TAISNE (administrative assistant, Pasteur Institute) -
Former members who left in 2009/2010:
Mounia LAGHA - currently a postdoc with M. Levine, Berkeley, California
Giorgia PALLAFACCHINA - currently a postdoc with R. Rizzuto, University of Padua
Takahiko SATO - currently a research scientist with A. Sehara, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University
Stéphane VINCENT - CR1 INSERM, currently in O. Pourquié's laboratory, IGBMC, Strasbourg
Yusuke WATANABE - currently assistant Professor in T. Ogura's laboratory, University of Tohoku, Sendai.