2008 publications from the department of developmental biology


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    Revue sans comité de lecture
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Ouvrage/Book :
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Molecular Genetics of Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Margaret BUCKINGHAM)

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    Ouvrages/Books :
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    Actes de colloque
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Macrophages and Development of Immunity) – CNRS : URA 2578  (Phiippe HERBOMEL)

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    Ouvrage/Book :
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Mouse Genetics Engineering Center) (Francina LANGA VIVES)

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Human Developmental Genetics) (Kenneth McELREAVEY)

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Epigenetic regulation) – CNRS : URA 2578  (Christian MUCHARDT)

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USC 2026  (Jean-Jacques PANTHIER)

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Gene expression, development and disease) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Marco PONTOGLIO)

Fischer E, Pontoglio M.    HNF1beta and defective nephrogenesis: a role for interacting partners?    Kidney Int. 2008 Jul;74(2):145-7.

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Morphogenesis Molecular Genetics) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Benoît ROBERT)

Bensoussan V, Lallemand Y, Moreau J, Saint Cloment C, Langa  F, Robert B.    Generation of an Msx2-GFP conditional null allele.    Genesis. 2008 May;46(5):276-82.

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Drosophila Developmental Genetics) – CNRS : URA 2578 (François SCHWEISGUTH)

Perdigoto CN, Gervais L, Overstreet E, Fischer J, Guichet A, Schweisguth F.    Overexpression of partner of numb induces asymmetric distribution of the PI4P 5-Kinase Skittles in mitotic sensory organ precursor cells in Drosophila.    PLoS ONE. 2008 Aug 27;3(8):e3072.

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Stem Cells and Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Shahragim TAJBAKHSH)

Biressi S, Messina G, Collombat P, Tagliafico E, Monteverde S, Benedetti L, Cusella De Angelis MG, Mansouri A, Ferrari S, Tajbakhsh S, Broccoli V, Cossu G.    The homeobox gene Arx is a novel positive regulator of embryonic myogenesis.   Cell Death Differ. 2008 Jan;15(1):94-104.

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