Publications from the Department of Developmental Biology


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GENETIQUE MOLECULAIRE DU DEVELOPPEMENT (Molecular Genetics of Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Margaret BUCKINGHAM)
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MACROPHAGES ET DEVELOPPEMENT DE L’IMMUNITE (Macrophages and Development of Immunity) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Philippe HERBOMEL)
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CENTRE D’INGENIERIE GENETIQUE MURINE (Mouse Genetics Engineering Center) (Francina LANGA VIVES)
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REGULATION EPIGENETIQUE (Epigenetic regulation) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Christian MUCHARDT)
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BIOLOGIE MOLECULAIRE DU DEVELOPPEMENT (Molecular Biology of Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Jean-François NICOLAS)
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GENETIQUE FONCTIONNELLE DE LA SOURIS (Mouse Functional Genetics) – CNRS : URA 2578 - INRA: USC 2026 (Jean-Jacques PANTHIER)
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GENETIQUE MOLECULAIRE DE LA MORPHOGENESE (Morphogenesis Molecular Genetics) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Benoît ROBERT)
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CELLULES SOUCHES ET DEVELOPPEMENT (Stem Cells and Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Shahragim TAJBAKHSH)
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GENETIQUE MOLECULAIRE DU DEVELOPPEMENT (Molecular Genetics of Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Margaret BUCKINGHAM)
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MACROPHAGES ET DEVELOPPEMENT DE L’IMMUNITE (Macrophages and Development of Immunity) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Philippe HERBOMEL)
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CENTRE D’INGENIERIE GENETIQUE MURINE (Mouse Genetics Engineering Center) (Francina LANGA VIVES)
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REGULATION EPIGENETIQUE (Epigenetic regulation) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Christian MUCHARDT)
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BIOLOGIE MOLECULAIRE DU DEVELOPPEMENT (Molecular Biology of Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Jean-François NICOLAS)
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GENETIQUE FONCTIONNELLE DE LA SOURIS (Mouse Functional Genetics) – CNRS : URA 2578 - INRA: USC 2026 (Jean-Jacques PANTHIER)
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CELLULES SOUCHES ET DEVELOPPEMENT (Stem Cells and Development) – CNRS : URA 2578 (Shahragim TAJBAKHSH)
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