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2008 Original Research Articles

Bublitz, M., C. Holland, C. Sabet, J. Reichelt, P. Cossart, D. W. Heinz, H. Bierne, and W. D. Schubert (2008).
Crystal structure and standardized geometric analysis of InlJ, a listerial virulence factor and leucine-rich repeat protein with a novel cysteine ladder.
J Mol Biol, 378:87-96. 

Lambrechts, A., K. Gevaert, P. Cossart, J. Vandekerckhove, and M. Van Troys (2008).
Listeria comet tails: the actin-based motility machinery at work.
Trends Cell Biol, 18:220-7.

Linden, S. K., H. Bierne, C. Sabet, C. W. Png, T. H. Florin, M. A. McGuckin, and P. Cossart (2008).
Listeria monocytogenes internalins bind to the human intestinal mucin MUC2.
Arch Microbiol, 190:101-4.

Sabet, C., A. Toledo-Arana, N. Personnic, M. Lecuit, S. Dubrac, O. Poupel, E. Gouin, M. A. Nahori, P. Cossart, and H. Bierne (2008).
The Listeria monocytogenes virulence factor InlJ is specifically expressed in vivo and behaves as an adhesin.
Infect Immun, 76:1368-78.

Van Troys, M., A. Lambrechts, V. David, H. Demol, M. Puype, J. Pizarro-Cerda, K. Gevaert, P. Cossart, and J. Vandekerckhove (2008).
The actin propulsive machinery: The proteome of Listeria monocytogenes tails.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 375:194-9.
Bonazzi, M., E. Veiga, J. Pizarro-Cerda, and P. Cossart (2008).
Successive post-translational modifications of E-cadherin are required for InlA-mediated internalisation of Listeria monocytogenes.
Cell Microbiol., 10(11):2208-22.

Disson, O., S. Grayo , E. Huillet,  G. Nikitas,  F. Langa-Vives, O. Dussurget,  M. Ragon, A.  Le
Monnier, C. Babinet, P. Cossart and  M. Lecuit (2008).
Conjugated action of two species-specific
invasion proteins for fetoplacental listeriosis.
Nature, 455(7216):1114-8.

2008 Reviews

Cabanes, D., Lecuit, M., and Cossart, P. (2008).
Animal models of listeria infection.
Curr Protoc Microbiol, Chapter 9:Unit9B 1.

Ribet, D., and Cossart, P. (2008).
Facteurs de virulene de Listeria monocytogenes et détournement des fonctions cellulaires de l’hôte.
Journal de l’association des anciens élèves de l’Institut Pasteur, n° 195 vol 50 : 65-70

Hamon, M. A., and Cossart, P. (2008).
Histone modifications and chromatin remodeling during bacterial infections.
Cell Host Microbe, 4:100-9.

Cossart, P., and Veiga, E. (2008).
Non-classical use of clathrin during bacterial infections.
J Microsc, 231:524-8.

Cossart, P., and Toledo-Arana, A. (2008).

Listeria monocytogenes, a unique model in infection biology: An overview.
Microbes Infect., 10:1041-50.

2008 Book Chapters

Cossart, P., Buchrieser C., and Kreft, J. (2008).
Evolution of Listeria monocytogenes.
In Evolutionary Biology of Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens.
Edited by F Baquero, C. Nombela,  G. H. Cassel, J.A. Gutiérrez-Fuentes. ASM Press, Washington, DC . 491-499.