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Host Genetics Control of Infectious Diseases

October 7-9, 2009


News - 07/28/09

Abstract submission deadline postponed

Due to vacation period, the Scientific Committee has decided to keep the open the site for submission of absract till August 24, 2009.
En raison de la période estivale, le Comité Scientifique a décidé de prolonger la soumission des résumés jusqu'au lundi 24 août.
The early registration is postponed also at this date.

In spite enormous progress in identifying the infectious agents associated with diseases and in deciphering genomes sequences we are lagging in controlling these infections. In addition the outcome of infections may be extremely variable among individuals. We have taken the initiative to launch a series of conferences that will take place every second year in the Pasteur Institute in Paris and will be dedicated to the studies of Host Genetics Control of Infectious Diseases. We wish to cover a broad range of infectious agents and hosts and attract a large number of participants from around the world. 
In 2007, the First conference (EMBO series) attracted 270 attendees, included 60 oral communications and more than 40 poster presentations. 

The subjects that we intend to cover in the second meeting will be held in Paris at the Institut Pasteur on October 7-9, 2009 include:

- Primary immunodeficiencies

- Host genetics control of bacterial Infections

- Host control of parasite infections

- Genetics of resistance to viruses

- Mouse and non mammalian models to study host genetics of infections

- Human genomics and evolutionary genetics

25 speakers listed in the program accepted to attend the meeting. The rest of the oral talks and poster presentations have be selected among the abstracts submitted by the participants.