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Call for abstracts

Only abstracts of active participants will be printed in the meeting booklet. The deadline to be registered as abstract's presenting author is March 25, 2013.

A number of abstracts will be selected for short oral communications. All the others submissions will be presented as posters* during the entire conference in the hall of the Conference centre (CIS).

The deadline for submission of the abstracts is March 12, 2013. They should be submitted in English language (350 word / 1 page max. title, contributors, abstract body and references inclusive) by using the online form. The abstracts will appear in the booklet distributed among the participants as they have been sent, please check your abstract before posting it.

The list of abstracts selected for short communications will be available on this page from April 5, 2013. If an official letter of acceptance is required for your organization or your university, please request by email at

Important: Poster boards are 1 m x 0.70 m.  Please ensure that your poster does NOT exceed this size otherwise we will not be able to accommodate it. You may use magnets provided on site to hold the poster on the board.

For any further information concerning your abstract, please contact

* The scientific committee reserves the right to refuse abstracts not related to the subjects of the conference.