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In the 50 years since the introduction of “allosteric interactions,” this concept has become one of the pillars of structural, molecular and cell biology, along with the flow of information via the genetic code, since regulation must continually modulate biological processes. To mark the half-century of research on allosteric interaction, a major conference will be held at the Institut Pasteur on May 14-17, 2013. Over 40 leading scientists will present current research issues and developments involving all forms of allosteric interactions and their implications for cell signaling.

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Allosteric Proteins and Cellular Control Systems - JACQUES MONOD, JEAN-P!ERRE CHANGEUX AND FRANCOIS JACOB, 1963

On the Nature of Allosteric Transitions : A Plausible Model - JACQUES MONOD, JEFFRIES WYMAN AND JEAN-P!ERRE CHANGEUX, 1965