Genopole / Microbial Biodiversity and Populations group

Research aims

Our group aims at understanding patterns and processes of microbial diversity at the micro-evolutionary level. We focus mainly on bacterial pathogens and the links between genetic and functional diversity, such as disease potential or ecological adaptation. Our projects include large-scale population structure analyses, fine-typing and evolution of monomorphic pathogens, analyses of the environmental distribution of bacterial genotypes, and experimental and theoretical approaches of the bacterial species concept.

Group members

  • Sylvain Brisse, Head of group
  • Virginie Passet, research Technician
  • Alexis Criscuolo, Post-doc
  • Yen-Chin Li, Master's student
  • Ulises Garza-Ramos, visiting Scientist
  • Suzanne Bialek, Post-doc

Selected publications


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