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Location & Equipment


The platform is installed at the -1 level of  building BioTop on the campus of the Institut Pasteur.

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The platform has about 135 m2 of laboratories and offices.


- A Hiseq 2000 Next Generation Sequencer and a Cbot (Illumina) Cluster generation system
These instruments are operated jointly with platform Genomics (PF1), where they are located, and platform Transcriptome and Epigenome (PF2).

- A 96 capillaries sequencer (ABI PRISM 3730XL DNA analyzer, Applied Biosystems).
This equipment allows analysis of 12 microplates x 96 reactions / day (200 000 sequences / year).

- Affymetrix workstation (Affymetrix).
The equipment comprises an hybridization oven (GeneChip Hybridization Oven 640), a washing station (GeneChip Fluidics Station) that can wash four chips at once, a scanner (GCS 3000) with automatic loading that can read 500K chips, and the analysis software.

- Luminex (Bio-Plex of BioRad) xMAP system (Luminex xMap Technologies).
This bead array system allows 100 parameters to be measured at once.
This technology is applicable to SNP genotyping but for other purposes as well (cytokine profiling, ...).

- Nine thermocyclers
Including four Mastercycler from Eppendorf and one 9700, two 9800-fast and two Veriti  apparatuses from Applied Biosystems.


- DNA array scanner (Genepix Axon instruments 4000B)


- Nanodrop ND 8000 (Nanodrop Technologies)
Spectrophotometer for DNA and RNA dosification and purity checking.


- Microbiological Safety cabinet
Biosecurity level 2 (BSL-2)