Genopole / Collaborative projects

Research projects

The research projects are performed in collaboration with our partner laboratories.
Our platform committee (which composition is listed below) contributes to the selection of the projects.
A project application form must be completed after an initial contact with the persons in charge of the platform. It is often necessary to seek for funding (ANR, FP7...) and this should ideally be done together with the platform.
The projects can aim at the complete genomic characterization of emerging strains, the discovery of new pathogens, the development of novel genetic characterization or identification methods, the understanding of viral or bacterial emergence phenomena by population genetics approaches, the genomic comparison of strains from different clinical sources....
The projects relying on high throughput sequencing approaches are encouraged.
Platform committee
The platform committee evaluates the proposals for collaborative projects, it is composed of the following members :
  • Christiane Bouchier (Genopole, Institut pasteur - Head of the Genomics platform)
  • Jean-Yves Coppée (Genopole, Institut Pasteur - Head of the Transcriptome & Epignome platform)
  • Françoise Dromer (Institut pasteur - Head of the Molecular Mycology unit - Head of the antifungal NRC and Director of the Infection & Epidemiology department)
  • Jean-Claude Désenclos (InVS, the French "center for diseases control" - Scientific Director)
  • Didier Guillemot (Institut Pasteur - Head of the Pharmaco-epidemiology and Infectious Diseases unit)
  • Bruno Lina (head of the Lyon Virology lab and Head of the Influenzae viruses NRC, south of France and Head of the Enterovirus NRC)
  • Lluis Quintana-Murci (Institut Pasteur - Head of the Human Evolutionary Genetics unit)